Losing RL Names to Become a Cavewoman Huntress

I keep forgetting simple tasks. The automatic is failing me. I forget names of semi-close friends. People who I’ve called the right names with no issues or even awareness of the fact I was doing it. Those names were solid and set in my mind. Yesterday I forgot Weston and called him Wesley then Winston…I think it’s because moments before I was thinking Jeffrey. Then I … Continue reading Losing RL Names to Become a Cavewoman Huntress

Shamelessly Recommending Life

To bliss your mind I have other news. I would now recommend life.That’s the first time I’ve been willing to use those words.Before yesterday those words had never been true. I refused to have a child because this world wasn’t worth living in. Then…I felt what it was like to live. Memories flooded of before all of this.Not this blog, but before I was suicidal.…there was … Continue reading Shamelessly Recommending Life