Crackling Fear into Warmed Nerves of Sedona

Gorgeous blissfuckers of human’s existence, This place. This melting temple of Sedona is stealing my soul and I shall let it keep it. I’ve met humans I want to know for life and feel I have for all of it. I listen to where to go rather than think it and hear in silence answers I’ve never known. Monday you’ll be woven stories, probably even … Continue reading Crackling Fear into Warmed Nerves of Sedona

Sparkle Bitters

I’m seeing it more and more. The blueprints exposing themselves. When someone seems angry, their voice changes,…..wait…I’m realizing…their voice changes. Every single time. It sounds…younger…. That’s…fine motor movement. It can get more aggressive…fueled by past anger, but how does that regress the voice to the sounds of that moment? All attached to an emotion. Hearing that emotion? How does it sound ‘younger’ then? Okay that’s … Continue reading Sparkle Bitters