How to Ground with ADHD

You know when you’re so distracted by a cucumber and what it might taste like, what you can add to it, how you can change its texture, add different spices, marinate it for five days and maybe grill it or blend it into a soup, that you forget to eat it and it rots away in the fridge?

Those of us with ADHD might find our “heads in the clouds”, trying to shape them into unicorn ducks because everything should be allowed to have a horn. We tend to be “flighty” and flit from though to thought like there’s birds in our brains. A lot of these symptoms of the distracted can be exciting and seemingly magical because of all the thoughts we can create and the fascination of possibilities.

Many, many times though, I just want to find peace, and yet I’m contemplating what 80 things I can do today that will make me famous, seeking that outward approval before I remember to go inward and rest. Before I remember to love where I am I find myself hating on myself for only being ten steps up the pyramid even though I’m expecting myself to be fifteen steps higher for about five different projects and I’m thinking about how epic it would be to start a nitro tea project and how I’m failing by not making that one right meow.

At times, we need to ground. Being in the clouds, flitting from thought to thought and floating in rainbows gets tiring. Find the ground,love myself and rest.


Twice a day go outside, barefooted and with your toes nuzzled into the ground and breathe up from the core of the Earth. If you do not wish to connect to the planet feel free to just breathe into your feet and really feel them.

You can take two long breathes, up to as many as you like. Start with two twice a day to avoid being overwhelmed.

That’s it. Whenever you feel flighty or like you need a break from the clouds just remember that feeling and breathe up through your feet.

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