Is the First Memory the Strongest

I walked across the stones woven into a sidewalk pattern and thought of Elaine again. Every time I’ve removed my shoes and felt the deep massage from walking on rocks I think of that time when I first learned how it can stimulate your senses.

The wonderment triggered of if the first time you learn something is where the brain goes when you do it again. This is probably not the case for things you learned before a certain age, like how to drink water and eat food. But when I learned in college things I had never known, and actually used them in daily life I would think of that person each time.

When I learned about walking being easier on the body then running every time I felt a run rush through my idea patterns I remembered the Primal Caveman where I learned it.

Perhaps it happens as we rewire the brain and can still feel the memory, and then it fades as we hear new ideas, or have new experiences with that same action or object.

We already know how easy it is, in a sequence of numbers, to remember the first one the most vividly. What if this initial learning of something stands out more than everything that comes after?

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