Why do OCD Brains Have Less Limbic Activation yet Involve Fear?

Well that doesn’t tell you of life.

I get stuck, there’s so many paths to follow that backtracking takes days and then I find new trees to explore.

If only those trees could talk.

I think OCD is where the brain rebounds off the amygdala because it doesn’t activate the limbic system in order to complete its reactions.
We’ve been a bit through this before.

People create fear due to a memory.

Someone says a fly barfed on their oreo and then that oreo becomes scary.

Well eventually every time they see an oreo they get scared. It’s Pavlovian really. We get trained by fear triggers to where items that originally didn’t hold reactions suddenly hold reactions due to that memory.

Then a fly lands on your hand.


Can’t toss the hand. Just wash it.

Well, you wash it and feel better, but still feel a bit of an itch.

In your dream a fly lands on your hand again. Then it moves all over your arm. You can’t seem to swat it away. Then there’s fucktons of flies everywhere. Then they eat your mom.

Well the next day you see a fly. Fuck. It goes away. Fine. You still feel an itch.

It lands on your leg.

You flinch with limbic activation and the fly moves, but the memory stays. You go and wash the leg.
This time it doesn’t feel clean.
You can’t wash away the memory.

Years later everything that a fly touches holds fear. Annoyingly enough flies are everwhere. You are in a house filled with shit the fly has vomited on.

You wash the entire house.
Feel Better.
Another fly comes in.

You get it.

So the amygdala and limbic are in the middle of the brain.Look at that activity.The front off the brain.Especially between the left and right hemisphere in the callosum.

So OCD involves a lot of energy at the front and back of the brain.The occipital lobe (images projected from the gut/memory) and the prefrontal cortex.
So what if it is rebounding off of the limbic and not activating it?
What if activating it, accessing it…completing those signals that are trying to reach it…is what causes it?
I don’t know…that still seems wrong, because that’s where fear is, isn’t it?
Or is there a connection we’re missing?
Something we still don’t know?

We need to see more reactions of people with OCD and see if trying to provoke anger works, or what happens when you access memories.
Especially the memories that keep them in fear.

Let’s just show them flies.

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