Do we Disconnect our Brains from ‘Reality’ as an Adaptation?


Don’t know how word

just…get in my head. You’ll feel the woosh.

The mind blow.

I need to just transfer my mind blow to you, like a hard drive of my mind you plug into yours…

Then upload my chemistry into yours.

Then you’ll feel the nerves explode from the roof of your head as uploaded neurons stimulate your reality.

I hope we get to do that in my lifetime.

Why the fudging melting thoughts have I not learned technology enough to try and create this? I’ve been using the ingredients sporadically, like cocoa powder and math, but never thought to combine them. My brain didn’t think it should get into that field. That field has stickers and snakes I don’t understand. Mind death is slithering through those fields. Technology. I have others that know how to do it. Morgan knows if I need programming, Kevin knows for animation, Keith for website building when this blog turns to My face with the chocolate piece and you click on the piece to open up to a box of chocolates. Coming soon, hopefully. Soonish. Michael if I need to hijack all the computers in the world to say one thing at the same time. ….actually that would be someone else. His name was in those words, the someone else, but I deleted them.

Meh. The desire passed.

The ‘disco  nnect’ we feel.

My belief up to thirtyish seconds ago was that the disconnection was when your brain literally does not complete its path. It might plan to pick up a water bottle and then not reach that formed motor movement of pathways.

It plans on your arm to reach out, calculated movements of pressure, which bones to use, and your brain is telling your body how to do all of this.

It plans and signals.
But some brains fuck it up.

Your brain ‘knows’ what you’re going to do before you do it. They tracked human brains and were able to know what your movements would be about ten seconds before they happened. There’s a study I don’t feel like finding. Use your fingers instead please.

But it shows that the brain is all like, Imma send signals through your body and tell it how to move to complete physical motion.

Eventually there is auto movements, like when you ride a bike. Or swim, once you’ve learned it. Your body can do it without having to ‘learn’ it (learning being used as the brain literally changing and storing those adaptations).

I wonder if they counted that as a variable.

Learning vs stored memory.

In the experiment. Because if it was not accounted for then ten seconds could be part of memories coming into the equation. If they are left out the equation could change. They would need to test in an environment that was new to person being experimented on. The subject might go into a forest.

So the amount of time.
Does it even change based on how much of stored equations pieces we can use?
Consider using a stick as a plus sign, or even a number.
You’re running through the forest with leaves you’ve never seen. Your brain tries to calculate them based on previous leaves.
It uses the ‘green’ you ‘know’.
The curves are different, you think the word ‘curve’ and your brain searches its attachments to that word.
‘No’ those don’t fit, but you’re now searching for a woman in the split second before your brain goes back to survival. You’re running from a splidasour after all. You named it. Categorized it based on old sounds stored in your head, but it might not be the common tongue for it. You made the name up based on the fact it spit and weirdly large and random creatures tend to be dinosaurs. Jurrassic Park signals were lighting up and sent out their fine motor movement of sound.
You see a stick. Finally a familiar item.
The brain flashes through movies of warriors fighting with them, swinging it like a weapon.
You calculate the amount of time it will take splidasour to reach you without even knowing you’re thinking and press enter. It adds up and you put the stick into your equation.
Then run again.
Splidasour is a fast beast though and catches up. You turn to calculate and your equations erupt as death enters itself into your brain calculator.
The stick flashes forth as a resource image.
The signals search and find it in your hand, then shoot out pathways on how to use it based on ninja memories from movies.
You thrust up and realize you failed the image. The thrust badass man used in the movie was overcalculated and you wind up spinning in a circle.

I’m bored of that story I’m afraid.
Finish i….well worn is the better word. My allergies are leaky today.
 Not out of my nose, but they’re making my skin feel leaky.

Finish it for me?


So your brain forms paths through the body that plan out the next seconds of your movement. What if it doesn’t compete itself?

Think about OCD. They obsess. They do the movement over and over again. Can’t stop washing their hands, can’t stop saying I love you, trapped within uncompleted paths, rebounding on the fear of it, possibly as their amygdala activates and triggers that response.

The Red Forgetting

Reading of which, my mother seems to get trapped in memory paths, but forgets that she’s in them.

My aunt calls it the red flash. Sisters that never met and they both have it. They see red then forget what they say.

Mom used to wake us all up and yell because there were shoes left downstairs.

At Jekyll she told us a story about a man that used to yell and wake his whole family up as he screamed through the house airwaves. When she told this story there was no memory.

I watched her face the whole time.

It didn’t trigger or flash to the time she did it.

“Mom.” She looks at me. “You do realize, you once did that?”

“What? No. I never did that.”

I look to dad, who also remembers this. My brain captures time by sending up memories of Abbey and I talking about when mom screamed us all awayke, of the staircase where the shoes are, of the energy of the yell, of the fear. I see a small flash of shoes as she throws them. Happening as I type this.

Dad says nothing, as usual.


He finds his balls.

“Yeah. That happened.”

She looks confronted, taken aback, and then gets confrontational.


“Maybe it’s just something your brain does. Like how Leslie gets red flashes and forgets. You might forget too,” says Ainsley.

“I would remember that.”

“But you don’t”

The brain forgets. It loses where that memory is stored, or does it not store it at all?

Does it calculate the moment into memory, or does it say it does not fit into any equation and reject it?
Or does it remind the brain of a time of fear and ‘block it out’?

Do we repeat the memories that never formed?

Is there fear when those memories get triggered?

Does the fear block them or does it make us run away?

They are obviously there.
The memories.
We do not ‘lose’ them as though they are gone forever.
If mom woke us all up, screaming about shoes,and then repeated her memory of it years and years later…
With no recollection, no storing.

How does that happen?

I hear it all the time.Out of people’s mouths.

Dad turns to his father.He’ll say sentences that don’t fit into the moment, when he’s on alcohol and not using his prefrontal cortex.
When the brain is on negatives into memories rather than positives into the present.Not adapting.

Adaptation.Taking the present moment into your equation.Changing based on it.
If your brain can’t ‘change’,Does it get stuck?

Research from the Internet
“Classification of drugs can be explained by their chemical targets within the brain. Stimulants may influence dopamine or norepinephrine. Depressants target a chemical called GABA, the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter within the brain….Although increased norepinephrine offers some explanation of alcohol’s effects, it doesn’t tell us where in the brain changes are occurring. To see which regions of the brain were more or less active while drinking, researchers gave a group of subjects a PET scan after injecting them with harmless radioactive glucose, the brain’s preferred source of energy. Highly active regions consume more glucose, and those regions are brightly lit during the PET scan, whereas less active regions are dimmer.The regions of the brain with the greatest decrease in activity were the prefrontal cortex and the temporal cortex. Decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex, the region responsible for decision making and rational thought, further explains why alcohol causes us to act without thinking. The prefrontal cortex also plays a role in preventing aggressive behavior, so this might help explain the relationship between alcohol and violence (see my last post). The temporal cortex houses the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for forming new memories. Reduced activity in the hippocampus might account for why people black out when drinking.Alcohol also decreases energy consumption in the cerebellum, a brain structure that coordinates motor activity. With a cerebellum running at half-speed, it would be hard to walk a straight line or operate heavy machinery.”

Coming Soon, the actual point to this post….

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