American Gods and Animals

The American GodsFar later project, when I can travel. Write a proposal for a grant.It can tie into celebrities and the past goal of wanting to talk to them. I’m finally bringing life strings together into a knot. So which ones need to be cut?
There will be a web soon, and right now the paths are too estranged, not all connecting to one place so I’m balancing a web of reality I haven’t learned to play.Instruments weave in, if I could send a sound through them all, vibrate all the connections at the same time. I need to be reaching more places more quickly. It needs to vibrate the entire web…I have to stay connected to so many places so that it can spread.
The ideas are meant to run away and be used by others to be expanded on, created on. I don’t stick to one area because it just gets confined. I get ‘trapped’ because it isn’t spreading.
A network.A network of minds.
Building one. People have said it for years. Networking. Job building, meet lots of people. I need to be part of a large network that spreads ideas.

Projects to be working on
American Gods 2
And yet we’ve turned our people into our gods,
We have gods of style, Lady Gaga and we have gods of sex, Leonardo Di Caprio, talk to Maloney and ask if she’ll help me publish it. Do all the preliminary work.
We have gods of food Julia Child and Gordon Ramsay.
The gods of love,
Cupid still gets to be there.
We’ve just named them celebrities.
Or to make it more mind blowing I could start with it being less blatant
This place has gods on screens
Their stories spread as moving images projected to the whole society. While we have a tribe that weaves our stories to five they’ve got stories projected to hundreds, even thousands.These projections take bartering in the form of dollars. There has to be a profit to use so much energy. The energy it takes is still developing and to use what has developed the people must give something in return. It keeps the profitability going, it keeps the ‘business’ going so that it can create more.

I was just…talking to this human about his life
About his seizures
He has epileptic ones
Fuk I’m looking for all these words to give you the emotions, so you can feel this, I’m trying to create my moment again through these words and into yours
Somehow I’ve crafted how to do that, as far as I can tell,
You get to create with it too
The power of words is in how you weave them
I make you the conduit, the receptor, the fuel, the  creator, and yet I am all of these things too. Where is the bridge between writer and you, writer and reader, the pages and your mind?
I can imagine what you will think with these words, but your mind is a unique little creation of existence
Yet I am learning the similarities.
We all know the exist. We all know we are similar, of the same species and carved in separate ways.Similar materials.
Different fuel, different nutrients different cultures
Different parts of the world
Do we start with animals and go from there?
What makes all snakes similar?They slither on the ground and they eat rats.The communication does not have to be strong to transmit survival. They even survive alone.
Wolves. They can go alone but also go in pack.s They have survival in packs which means they have to communicate.
They howl.
Not too much intricacy, but they also learn signals. They know how to communicate with silence.Body language.The language of the body.
Running away,
The running is the communication. It says there is danger and to follow.I will lead us to a safe place.
A jump over a limb tells the one behind to do the same.They know their body’s language.The signals to send energy to the hind legs.It prepares for the jump. Lessening the weight in the front so it can push out of the back and then soar it forward to land.
If you miss the equation, if you the language misses a comma in signals you fall.Your foot breaks because there was a twig you didn’t see, didn’t account for and the energy sent through the body was too much.
Birds have to communicate more. They have more places to roam, more images to convey They’’ve discovered more in traveling. There’s more to tell. What is safe to eat and what trees to land on. The signals become permanent and change their beaks. They evolve.
Now they have their own language. They can sing, they can communicate the world to each other. They developed language.
Intricacy evolved to convey their knowledge.They learned to speak to their entire species to survive, to let each other know. Certain sounds travel in different ways. Which noise travels the futhrest? Which one sounds like danger.
If they meet others of their species with different sounds they both use their sounds. They signal from their genes or from adaptations they’ve learned in this life.And signal to each other.
Whichever penetrates the airwaves is learned. The other mimics it, tries to inscribe it and use it. They mock each other’s sound in ‘competition’ but through these signals the best sound wins. They both try the sound and mimic and transcribe, merging the sounds together to form an even more powerful sound.Or one is old, it got lost in the world and as it started to travel it learned there were already more evolved forms. It tried to adapt to the different places and died, losing its genes along the way.
Others decide to travel, to discover, and learn of the new ways. They find they had the receptors, the body parts, the ingredients, the formula to adapt to the current mold. They survive. They learn to fight new villains. They find a blackberry that reminds them of the blueberry they used to eat. They peck at the berry and it tastes ‘wrong’ and different so it is spit out.The body then tastes the sweetness. A ‘reminder’ of previous taste. The
Done with that for now.
Hmmm and other desires are singaling from my human. Hunger, tea desires and liquid. Mmmmmm water and …I want tosmething like pollen.
Slightly sweetened and yellow. A dew of silkiness to hum in the mouth. A gentle song to ascend my neurons and alighten the chemicals. Light touches the skin around my head.
Oh yes, the human here. His brain has a permaglitch that randomly goes sporadic and seizes him. He “feels the need to go away and just lay on the ground”. They’ve put him on pills. Fucking pills.
Our little adaptations we make people swallow like company cum they spurt out at us.
I hate them.A deep dislike that plays my spine like Death’s Divine, my made up band name that turns this spine to a shuddering vibration
An instrument long and of the spine that vibrates as you send nerves across it
Would it be like a guitar, with strings goingn up and down it, are there strings around the spine.Like a bow and arrow or fishing rod.
How similar they are to the spine’s structure and intent.

The build up as you pull it taught, turning the energy into kinetic

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