Watching America

I’ve gotten my brain to calm itself.

With passion as a hormone this journey involved weed style juices. Dandelions were powdered to garnish the edges.

In past blowings of my thought I kept getting caught. My thoughts were thorns of humanity that first scratched me at seeing carbs. Anything above twenty made me fight. Then I calmed down and realized people could survive on actual high carb diets. I wouldn’t have calmed into this reality without Eric. He genuinely does not enjoy fats. I thought he hadn’t put them inside him often enough because fat is amazing and it works for so many humans. Look at r/keto after all. Besides, there must be one diet to fit us all. We are all of the same species after all.

Then I read more from Mark’s Daily Apple and his view of ancestral diets. Check your lineage. That made sense. There was a grudging towards it but in time it truly clicked and explained why some humans did function well with grains and roots due to that being what their ancestors survived on. My ancestry is European so meat just fits into my human equation.

Now I’m at this point of even being able to make cupcakes with flour and sugar for a wedding shower. It was a bit hard but in reality I’ve accepted humans can still function and even take care of themselves. There’s these flecks of pain at thinking they just don’t know any better, but the bigger flecks have gone into dragon’s eyes to realize these people have lived in their bodies for years. I offer advice when the humans desire it, but otherwise I’ve adapted through that fear of their diets.

Last night I realized that’s just what it was.
When diets are created and last on fear you wind up being cult minded.
You wind up like a Jack in the Box that truly misses the Jr. Jack but can’t have it.
I took my fear of sugar and projected it into the people around me. I watched as they seemed fat or unhappy and labeled them as such and felt I had the cure.
The cure was keto and I had to give it to them and if they didn’t want it I’d still force it down their throats as bacon.
Who doesn’t love bacon

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