Coffee Cold

I just shivered. Felt a fear trigger that seguayed my mind across memories, reminding me of when it was cold before. Memory flashes of being ticklish the day before, my nerves fragile..yet not weak so the wrong word that is. Easily activated. Yet not even needing stimuli to activate. On end Nerves on end Resting in the skin The faintest touch felt more, sweeping across my nerves Potent Brain paths took me, reminding me of when it happened before, reminding itself, finding what resources it had used before. My hands pull up my maroon sleeves to cover my arms, finding its resource in moments I don’t register they happen so quickly. It knew how to warm me. Such a powerful object inside me, this brain. I love it. It knows me and I it on levels we don’t even know. When do our thoughts merge and when do they separate? When do I watch me more than merge? During the disconnect, when my body took me out due to fear of being in it. It stored the memory so hard I flighted out, or was it the four energy drinks a day stimulating me out of my central nervous system (the spine and brain nerves) to where my nerves were in the skin, the efferent expansion of my mind to where my nerves activated the peripheral nervous system (the skin nerves, the nerves from the spine and brain (CNS) expand out and stay, they don’t go back in because they’re on too many positives from the sugar, caffeine, and numbers of heightened mind motion. Ready to fight. That’s the natural numbers. Gauging life, memories, resources. The most adapted creatures on this planet. Still adapting, understanding, eating and touching the whole world, adapting more and more, so fast,…to what? Explode? Our bodies just want to protect, to not die, but sometimes they yell and say too much. We either scream back and fight, saying I’ll adapt. “Bring it!”
“Just do it!”
The fighters of our own reality, our species reality. Thanks for existing, My fellow humans

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