Sparkling Memories into Neurogenesis

Sometimes I go and look at the blog posts that you humans are reading that day. Today this one popped up:

I have returned. To Lubbock also. Willingly even.

Leading to the final nail in the coffin that I’m mad.

It’s okay I admitted it first.

Before leaving though I did stop off at The Steeping Room which has become a tradition of mine when in Austin. Especially if any life changes occur. I tend to travel back into physical memories as a type of emotional cleansing and reflection on who I was when last there. Highly mentally recommended. Unless your puppy died there. Don’t go back there.

Look at that delicious morning glow

I get it now. I was totally taking memories and sparkling them into neurogenesis. I remapped old places into my current perception maps.

Tee hee. I like myself.

In random news I’ve been watching people balance their drugs, like cigarettes and alcohol. At some point they even lose ‘themselves’ and seem to stop sparking neurogenesis and just speaking from memories.

Their bodies turn to auto and just reach for another depressant or stimulant, like their body turns to auto (Lose prefrontal activity? Easily tested with drunk people to see if they rely more on memory or spark neurogensis. Don’t even need a machine. You would just have them write an essay and then ….hmmm…no that doesn’t work. Talking to them would but that isn’t true proof…sigh. Machines always make the most sense to me).

So people seem to auto try and balance out their mental equations. Sugar, or alcohol, or cigarettes or weed. Weed seems to be the one people are fine with it just being the only one.

I think that’s because you think of resources or change and your brain just lets it go (lets go of formed paths) but also it seems to stick to them once they’re formed. The other day I was high and my brain ‘imagined’ going across the street/saw the path and seemed to form the motor movement of my body to it.

Then a car came and I couldn’t redirect, even though I felt my brain try to. I think my limbic tried to activate (or amygdala) but it had a lag.

I’ve noticed it before while high, and sense it is a depressant/negative numbers it would make sense that your brain would find it hard to hold resources.

As though it thinks of the resource it needs and ….no wait I lost it…was thinking of the callosum, which I think is where the equation tries to balance like a chemisty equation.

So humans seem to be constantly trying to reach a balance of numbers through drugs.

We’re so out of balance constantly.

Why do I keep saying we?

Oh and I’m moving forward with plans for McSuicide.

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