No Staggering Realization Here

I’ve realized a few things, like how if we trap people in a room it’s going to deprive them of resource assessments until their brain realizes none of them are there.

There is no electronic, no wilderness, no bear, no paper, no resource it can use to survive.

We might see the person that brings us food as a resource. Rely on them. They become the only thing our mind can ‘see’. It even then feels fear at anything else.

They make every resource in our mind be a fear.

Oh I guess there is a realization…also PTSD. I have a friend with it here. He had to shoot someone.

I thought alcohol was odd of him. Wouldn’t that bring back the memories? It would lower the limbic and give him access to the pain of them since his brain wasn’t protecting him/holding back the memory.

Then it made sense. It lowers the limbic. That fight he keeps feeling at life…that overreaction to stimuli. His brain is ready to fight according to him, at everything. A depressant would lower the limbic.

He needs to get off stimulants though.

Maybe once you shoot someone everything is overactive. Your brain is so trapped in blisters of fear that its emotions, assessments of needs (in the callosum) and thus what it tells you to get (memory in left brain) are all overactive.

I’ve offered a massage while watching a shooter movie. So he has that going for him. Which might be nice.

I want to help him, but it seems a bit like time is needed.

Perfect for Sandra though….she’s the one most like me.

I’m going to maker her a therapist.

I’ve been a bit lax on characters lately in order to proceed with a couple of other ideas. 

I wrote to another neuropsychologist named Susan Green that is looking for brain theories.

Other than that I’m planning out February to where friends can come visit and sink into the earth here. I’m letting some chaos in.

It’s just in my nature you see.

Hmmm..if you trap the brain in confinement it can’t even spark neurogenesis. Nothing to adapt to.

Poor Genie.

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