Lifegenesis Ashes

Aged Fire

I just realized the connection between Genesis and neurogenesis….beginnings. 

New life beginnings crackling from the old as we form new fires.

The wood that we started with has turned to ash though…and it feels like that ash can still be used. Maybe we can bury it and let earth fondle it again.

Or we could use it atop steak. Apparently that’s a thing. I tried it on chicken or something in Marfa and it fucking was delicious. They turned ash to art and put it on food. Both my mouth and I thank existence and weirdos for it.

Life is odd right now. I have several paths that are sparking out to me, and yet I don’t know which to flow through. I feel flooded and now my wood is too wet to make me into ash.

I would have tasted so great on a chocolate truffle.

Since being in Sedona I’ve had movie opportunities, book opportunities, website opportunities and even animated pursuits open up to me. Also neuroscience ones. Sigh. This place. I’ll literally think of needing to talk to someone, go back into the moment, and they’ll appear within five minutes.

It’s happened at least three times every day. I can’t even deny fate and callings and balance and energy here. I met a woman from a past life at the farmer’s market. We were just talking about her fudge and chocolate and as I was leaving we looked back at each other with and exchange of acknowledging and curious looks, and she was like “I’ve known you before.” I nodded and smiled and said “Yeah. I think so too.” “It’s great to see you again.” “You too.” “Want to meet up for coffee sometime tomorrow or the next day?” “Sure.”

It’s been so loving and nurturing here, and I’ve met people I was meant to meet and get wisdom from in such visceral ways that my fear can’t deny it.

I still fear all this energy and balance and fate beacuse…it means there is an answer, and that existence matters, and…it reaches into my deepest fears of existence because it is existence.

Existence still scares me….but I’m turning it to trees as the strength grows through my spine. Then you can climb me and eventually eat me.

Nom noms.

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