Hypothesis of Where Blueprints Come From in the Brain (Projections of Memories into Present Assessment)

So I was…existing in some format.

My memories have been muddled in time framing lately. The last few days I just mix up where I put things, don’t hold memories of the last minutes well, and seem to merge memories that don’t go together.

Finding my phone charger was as hard as algebra. I’d ask my memories and they’d laugh and just go back to relaxing.

Hormones have been all wonky from switching in and out of keto so I think that’s part of it. I wish I knew exactly which hormones, because that would show which hormones can effect memory.

Your Visual Cortex and Memory

Your brain communicated from the back of itself up to your eyes.

At some point ago that isn’t in this moment I saw a blueprint. I saw a flash of an image of a memory.

This happens frequently. Your brain pulls up a memory in order to tell you to use it, or because it fits into the present moment.

You are hungry and your brain flashes where the honey is, or the meat is, or whatever you eat.

It tells you where the memory is.

It will probably also flash a recent memory if you have eaten that day.

Telling your brain it remembers where food is.

Telling you how to get it.

Within brain interaction this could mean your brain realizes it needs resources and takes in the current moment using the corpus callosum and assessing the present.

Then your brain pulls up a past memory to try and fit it into the current situation.

Then it shows you what it found.

Well I was staring at this mountain in Fort Davis, a gorgeous one that spanned my entire visual field.

I imagined it as Howl’s Moving Castle, 

and I realized it.

My brain felt as though it was literally trying to fit Howl’s Moving Castle into that moment. I’d heard the memory of it in words (Howl’s Moving Castle) because my brain was trying to recognize it as such.

Like a map of a memory.

We play Where’s Waldo and other scavenger games, loving it. Our brain’s search our visual map for a memory. It’s using the Waldo figure and trying to place it into the present.

What is that?

I felt it. In the back of my brain I felt it. I pulled up memories of the past and could feel the back of my  brain more.

The occipital lobe.

It communicates with your eyes.

What if that’s the line of connections that actually pulls up memories from consolidation and projects them into your brain’s eye?

And that is how you see memories?

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