Why High Fat and High Sugar Addict You

Fat and sugar

are not found naturally together anywhere in nature

The substance with the highest sugar holds no fat.

Honey…a hard substance for man to rip bees from without stings warning his body away.


Oils and fats hold no sugar.

The reactions they both contain for the body are for two different times.

Sugar is to make us store. To hold food in for the winter as we grow children and then as we raise them.

Fat is used when we’re scouring the earth and ripping into the fleshy hearts of our kills.

One is for our bodies to attack and ‘live’ while the other is for our bodies to sleep and hibernate.

To be balanced.

To reach a calm.

To listen to our bodies.

So what happens when we combine them?

What happens when we combine fat and sugar?

We get addicted.

Our bodies suddenly feel fear.

The unexpected creating ‘delicious’. The fat signaling to activate and the sugar singaling to hibernate. Your body signals to eat more while getting the pleaure of a fresh kill.

The best tastes, the addiction, the rewards…what’s the down side?

What about when our bodies try to sleep while our bodies run?

A society that…mmmmm sleep.

When was the last day you went without any drugs?

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