To Marfa

The time’s clocks are ticking up to leaving the desert of Lubbock and venturing into The HIppie Dictionary definition of an artist town:



1. Marfa

2. Solitude enough to do whatever fucking art you want with no distraction

3. Takes Ainsley away from herself and stops blog posts until the March of her return.

4. They have hippy food

5. They allow you to have as many definitions as you want.

What I will be doing has to remain a secret so that I don’t attach the memory of it to this moment and lose it.

While away please do be aware of yourself and if you want to try a detox week of just meat and then integrate foods in week by week you’ll gain a life journey you won’t ever regret. If you do come find me. I might be someone else though…

Also it does  need to be hormone free in order to not fuck with yours. Go local.


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