The Architect for our Future Restaurant

Vince and I, a human I met in Alpine, were just sitting in our favorite bar, The Saddle Club.

We’ve been figuring out the differences in our minds, where he sees material and what to do with it with such a natural force that it rivals my natural propensity for words and the mind.

Where I walk into a bar and notice, automatically, the way people move towards one another and the sound of their voices: from the way their ass is relaxed in the chair to the way their words flow with pleasure or anger, and how it changes in accordance to the amount of alcohol flow in them. I see these things without even being fully aware they’re even registering. I’m  watching the external actions of the mind. Some of it is trained but it’s been a natural buildup of the way my mind has worked for a couple of centuries.

Vince walks into a room and sees the architecture of what it could be. He sees how the bar could expand thirty feet or the way chairs and tables should be moved to create intimate moments that balance out larger areas for seating.

In our short span of knowing one another he’s amazefucked my mind with the way he sees places we go. We went to a bar here in Marfa and he was mildly ecstatic over the outdoor patio and auto went to investigate it as his mind churned up the material into knowing what he loved about it and what could be changed. He mentioned moving the fountain or taking out a wall and it made so much sense I could barely fathom how quickly he’d thought of it. I was more stunned than I’d been in months when it came to another’s mind. The last time someone had made my mind move with the possibilities of earth’s structure like that was Abbey’s, my architect twin, and her love reminds me of Howard Roark’s.

Abbey’s and Vince’s minds are so similar. They both just ‘see’ when it comes to the material of earth.

Donald Judd’s Art at the Chinati Foundation

We also went to see this art exhibit by Judd in Marfa.

This was a few days ago, when we initially noticed the differences in our minds. It’s actually the reason I even cared, and the reason I thought it even possible to find a solid difference. We had already realized that he enjoys structure while I enjoy chaos.

was walking through memories since mom, dad and I had been here about a year ago. The first time I heard the pieces sing at the end, they spoke to me so. This time they leaked right in again and did that resonating thing that we deeply desire, and try to get, from art.

He hated them.

He saw what they could be. I was annoyed that he couldn’t appreciate them, but then decided to find out why. 

He imagined them as taller and with more consistent angles. 

We get to the end though and he finds the most boring one to be the best.

That last one angling the end of the picture.

We muse and debate over why he likes it and I don’t. It doesn’t do it for me but does it for him.

I’m annoyed by how it all lines up while that’s what he enjoys.

I’m searching for abstract angles while he fauns over actual structure.

Our personalities have clashed and rebounded this way before. Somehow we hold opposites in almost all views of life. 

I love it.

So we get to the bar, and we’ve already been talking for days about how he should be an architect, and we discuss what we would change about the building we’re in. 

We talk about the intimate chair moments and about what food and drink we would do.

He talks about moving the bar over, and I ask about moving the words above it and we even debate over the color, absorbing ourselves into possibility.

Then I ask him to explain it to me in detial, what he would change.

He does and at first it seems odd. He wants to cut out the top of the entrance and move it over. I’m annoyed over his mind not being as amazing as I thought and tell him it makes no sense, my words flustered and slightly aggressive. Then he explains it.

A band at the top. 

The idea suddenly came together. My mind wasn’t able to do it without his.

To him it took minutes.

I would have never reached it.

Then we abstractly tossed an idea about doing a restaurant with a simple idea, and it started to come to life. 

The idea is becoming more real and real as time passes, and fits into my character right now, Raistlin.

I thought he would just be starting a kombucha business.

I have people in mind that are already on board, ones to manage and bar master and move with me to Los Angeles.

It’s a true debate though…I’d have to put neuroscience dreams on hold. I’d rather have the restaurant going and then start my PhD than the other way around though.

Oh yes it did work to become different characters, but more on that soon.

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