Sugar Devil

  • Variant:
     “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”, The Usual Suspects (1995)

I’ve never really absorbed the idea that sugar is bad for us into my bloodstream.
Sure, I got a bit (/a lot) cult minded to the point of believing everything in the world was dying from carbs and sugar.  I daydreamed and narrowed my eyes at the idea of babies popping sugar pills from whatever freaky milk they use in baby formula now. There is a tribe *Doesn’t recall tribe name and Googles ‘tribe that gives baby sugar when it is born’:

Birth CeremoniesThe people of Umtata in the south Eastern Cape of Africa have a Ceremony After Birth of a Baby called Sifudu, it similar to the ceremony performed by many other tribes across Africa to cleanse the baby following birth.Realizing birth is near,  women attendants prepare ingredients for application to the child’s umbilical cord. These consist of ash and sugar, plus an egg-shaped poisonous fruit “UMTUMA”.The large object is a flat stone. Top left hand corner on grass is the spoon which collected the ash. Left bottom corner, pile of ash, then sugar, then fruit cut in half. The ash, sugar and contents of fruit are mixed together resulting in the mixture seen in the centre of the stone, which is then place inside the scraped out shell of the fruit.After birth, a length of dry grass taken from the roof of the hut, is split in half, its edge is razor sharp, and with this the umbilical cord is severed leaving a length of 7 to 10 cm of cord on baby. Approximately and hour later, this length is reduced to approximately 5 cm by again severing with the grass as seen, maintaining that the second cut release all unnecessary blood from the cord. It took years to obtain this picture, what with false alarms, wrong information, un co-operative mothers and their fantastic superstition.Sigh…Google doesn’t pull it up. I was told it in an anthropology class so long ago. *moves on*

Primal Sugarsense

So what does sugar do? On an intuitive primalsense level? It gets us to store food. The body does this in preparation for winter as the leaves turn yellow and sugar ripened apples spring out between leaves. The animals with their organ meats take themselves 

,and our meat, into caves. We have to rely on stored food, either that we stored under 

the ground or within our bodies. Potatoes and root veggies are eventually buried and 

ferment or are dug up from the dirt and heated over the fires we use to warm away the


The Sugar Devil of the 21st Century
What are we doing with sugar now? 
We are eating sugar and fats at all times of the year, despite the fact these foods aren’t available all times of the year. 

Paleo, the caveman diet itself, does not even embrace the idea of a seasonal diet, despite it being a central idea to bodily homeostasis and the reasoning of eating as naturally as possible. In fact, paleo combines sugar and fat at high rates. The amount of blogs devoted to baking and paleo, as well as the money cookbooks make from it shows this fact off.
Pesticides are not the only thing that harms humans, and in fact, could not have become so infiltrated in us and our society if not for the combination of fat and sugar. These two substances together trigger hibernation/storing and fighting/using your energy at the same time.How to Get the Most Evolved Species to Stagnate

    • The Box of Chocolates Experiment: “The greatest trick sugarfat and companies ever pulled was convincing America mental disorders didn’t exist.”, Ainsley Daschofsky (2015)

Otherwise we would have felt it, known it, and rejected the pesticides, brain rape, body melting misconnections, horror to our connection abilities, hormone fuckers,whatever you want to call it.

The Mindstream Connections of This Idea

So let me explain where all of this notion came from and how I reached such a realization. Mind flows tend to help ‘see it’ so that you follow the same connections pathways and reach this connection rather than me trying to force a connection out into your left field.Will you path with me?I do need to elaborate on that hypothesis because I just recently came up with it, and the idea that our inner ‘voices’ are examples of multiple anger personalities we formed based upon the age we used that voice…fucking I have so much to explain and draw and I’m so excited for it yet crossed between excitement and hibernation due to what happened.
It started with Avocado and Honey. I got the recipe for these brownies perfect texture wise:

I barely added the sweet saps or moments of other substances, to the
point these brownies were bitter. How is a substance I’ve eaten all my
life, chocolate, bitter? I mused over this thought for many of memories
moments but could not figure it out. It struck seconds later in a past

A connection memory of reading from The Nourished Caveman that when we eat sugar at the same time as nutrients the body blocks us from absorbing those nutrients.

When we have sugar with nutrients it blocks those nutrients from being absorbed, my body has never adapted to chocolate because I’ve always eaten it with sugar.Thus my body has never absorbed and adapted to the nutrients of chocolate, despite consuming it all my life.
Thus it tasted ‘bitter’.

Just A Touch of a Mindfuck

So how much sweetener was needed to make these brownies delicious and not bitter?………………………………………………

 Self experiment time.

 I mashed the brownies into brownie balls and added honey. 
Avocado (high fat) and honey (highest carbs/sugar)

The Happiness Defect of Homeostasis

My mind sang. Excitement rushed through my veins and alerted me into bliss, 

into …what? A feeling of…happiness…euphoria. Then it felt like I was no longer controlling this excitement. I was not creating some happy state through thought…but was being signaled into this state. My body was out of homeostasis (balance) and instead was signaled into hunting and searching for sugar to store…yet also to hunt for organ meat because of fat. 
I took so many photos of them to share, not taking them outside (wasn’t signaled to) as I usually do, but used the dark unsharpened lighting of my kitchen, a place I knew wouldn’t give as incredible lighting for photos. Why would I compromise taking glorious photos of a recipe I so excitedly wanted to share, inside?

The Fat and Sugar Effect
My body was signaling to stay inside. 
Hibernate, you just had sugar, and yet I also wanted to run and hunt and share my kill with my fellow man.Sharing with Jeffrey and sharing through pictures. The idea stimulant fueling the pictures (like drugs, expand on later). (Basically drugs work when you imagine having them vs actually having them when it comes to different parts of the brain).
 At first I did share the avocado and honey brownies with Jeffrey, but as the night moved on and I moved in it, I wanted to share less and less but eat more and more of the avocado and honey.

The effects were real, but I still wanted to share this idea, allowing a want for people to taste something amazing overpower the feeling and knowledge that people shouldn’t eat this, and yet every other food blogger gets to do it. I’ll just share it on Instagram…even that felt wrong and yet...

Admittedly it was also dark outside…I think. Captured in a false memory wait definitely dark…

I did it again. I’ve been feeling ‘off’ today after eating high amounts of coconut rich in fat) with high amounts of berries, from this bread:

All day…some type of conflict was felt in my body. My hands were sweating (detox) and I’ve had random head throbs of headaches.

Out of Homeostasis 
Keto says our bodies use sugar as an energy source because it is ‘easiest’ and our bodies go for the easiest solution (which through evolution and adapting does make sense), but makes our bodies sound lazy.

I disagree. Or moreso, I think there’s a different way to process the idea.

In mental conclusion, sugar is not the ‘easiest’ energy source in that our bodies are lazy. In fact our bodies are fighting to survive. If we are eating sugar our body is saying to store food and hibernate vs get out of the cave and hunt.
This is counter to your intuitive right now. Fat does not get stored, that has to be fully accepted. Sugar gets stored and makes us ‘fat’ by storing our food.
So oils and bacon and organ meat are fats, but what they really do is get us to go out 

of the cave and hunt, because our bodies are getting their nutrients from fighting and

 from organs.
But when we give our bodies both sugar and fats the sugar wins for an energy source 

because the body is afraid. The body wants to store the sugar and thus uses it as an 

energy source instead of fats. Also because we have them at the same time might be 

a large factor we need to look into.

Our bodies might still be able to reach ‘healthy’ and homeostasis, if we just gave them sugar and root veggies….no that doesn’t work either. I do know how to create the perfect human diet now though, based on a formula derived of when foods are available at times of the year. 
In that moment you had to eat this/I had to share them

Can’t access memory as well because I’m saying to hibernate and relax rather than 

remember where food is (as I would if needing it, but my body doesn’t ‘need’ food)

Memory is used to find food or look for it, not needed when storing

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