Study to Prove Resource Adaptation is in the Callosums!!!!

And you know I don’t use exclamations lightly. I never use them at all really.

I let your brain determine excitement.

Not for this idea!!

Okay. I was lying in the hammock and had a thought about making a diet plan that involved food bloggers all over the web and I would call it Multiple Food Blogger Diet Plan, but I hate the word multiple so that has to change.

Then I thought of, fuck it’s blocked because that thought was right before the excitement of this one. This one is more vivid so I don’t see it.

Oh I was going to write a letter. I connected further back to thinking of how I want to get a PhD but I’m blocked by this great fear. I have a 2.75 GPA final that means it will be harder for me to pursue my deepest dream. My psychology GPA is far higher though and I can start my intro letter with: I spent the first three years of college not knowing what I wanted…

That fear reaches deep into me so of course it is hardest to get past.

Then I realized an example of how we block thing!! Oh. Artists. We stop making art because when we think back to it we feel that pain. So much art is created through pain. So when we continue on with life and think back to it we feel pain and rebound and stop ‘arting’.

Okay so I’ve been thinking that resource assessment happens in the callosums.

We take the primal of the right and move it to the blueprint of the left, but in between it seems is where our body takes in what is around it.

We look for knives for killing or food if we’re hungry.

Our mind would put the fridge as a stored blueprint…and then use it as a resource in the callosums. Like a trigger in there paths you over to the blueprint/the image of the fridge

It actually could help prove Pierce’s theory of sign, object and interpretant.

So I was lying in the hammock and realized that my mind felt hunger, and then triggered an idea of where to get food (the fridge).

It would be that easy!!!

Put someone in a machine and have stimuli that provokes resource assessment, such as putting the person in danger, and see where the mind goes.

You could show a fridge and see if it activates the callosum even…

Fuck I want to be a neuroscientist already

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