LSD Withdrawals

Okay now that I’ve simpered out the procrastination holding back the words I feel all the posts trying to stream right out through my fingers and into your minds yet again.

Let’s start with a latest theory…this morning type of early actually.

was in the bath:

and letting the water drain out.

I remembered when tripping that I had Jeffrey get into the bath in order to experience the feels of what it gave me to be submerged in the water, and how he came out dripping from the tub and vocalized that he had let all the water drain out of the tub and that it was the best of the feeling for him.

Well it’s been so long since I tripped and reality shatters have happened since then (possibly a breaking of nerves but I’ll expand later with a Santa Claus post on it, basically your normal ‘connections’ to life shatter and so you can see memories in new ways as your hemispheres call up the blueprint in the left and reanalyze it or even lose it based on new emotions and new ways of connections…you know..basically…I’m still working through the ideas)

With this new adaptation I looked back on the trip and the suicide mind it created.

How…opposite it was to the feelings while ‘on’ it.

Drug withdrawals have the opposite effect of the drug reactions.

Caffeine causes crashes is the main example.

Well while on the trip I felt connected to life. I felt like the world was merging into my  being, no longer separate but instead alive.

Then hours later I felt like I couldn’t connect at all. I felt doomed to this pain of never connecting, as though..

It hit me. 

Efferent nerves and afferent nerves. Efferent nerves travel from your CNS out to your skin / peripheral nervous system. 

What if they explode out while on the trip and create a deep sense of ‘feeling’ and then when you crash all your nerves draw in and it feels like you can’t ‘connect’ to anything?


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