How Resource Assessment turns into Obsessive Compulsive Desires through Unbalanced Mind Equations

So I was reading back over this post and realized something:

The Adaptation Resources Theory: 

Completely Unproven but tested a few times in Ainsley’s brain and observed in other human’s brains as they talked to her/heard when she listened in on other human’s conversations.


Adaptations Resources: 

Resources that your brain finds in the surrounding environment to adapt to life with

Adaptation Resources In the Brain/on a Neural Scale:

 Corpus callosum processings between right and left hemispheres

Examples of Adaptation Resources: 

A restaurant when you think of eating (right desires of hunger that manifest creation of building stimuli in left hemisphere), a sink when you realize your hands are dirty.

How Adaptation Resources Play into OCD :

(brain thinks they are there and needs them as part of its resource assessment. It imagines those connections being there and puts them into the equation of the additions of stimuli. When that connection doesn’t play out your are left with an unbalanced equation)

We could actually prove this with chemistry. When an equation is unbalanced the response doesn’t work and we don’t get the right reaction.

Maybe OCD is just unbalanced equations. The brain thinks it will receive the proper connection for say, a nutrient/for potassium (for example) and it puts that connection into the equation. When we eat a nutrient blocker (like sugar…or maybe even a response that offsets the ‘love’ connection) the brain does not get that connection.

Maybe the equation gets calculated in the callosum as it tries to complete itself as an adaptation between the hemispheres…

Then the brain might compulse as it tries to get that (action potential?) balance or hormone or whatever it thought would be there. It is aware that it is at a negative stimuli/deficit (/negative action potential?) so it tries to stimulate itself and reach that reaction it had planned for/the balanced equation it was trying to reach.


This all happens naturally. It just does. It’s why the brain tells you what to eat when it needs it. It tells you when it needs an egg or when it needs comfort. It tells you these things with blueprints (left analysis) or with memories (maybe even from the right with an emotion) and so you think of getting them. It tells a squirrel to go get a nut and a bear to get honey. It tells us animals to go and get these resources in order to survive. Go get another person in order to reproduce or in order to provide protection. Go get a hotel so your wife doesn’t find out and so you don’t get stuck living in a box.

When we feel out of balance, when we feel unloved or feel that we won’t be protected, we seek these resources out. When it is time for our bodies to mate and reproduce, but there isn’t someone that wants to reproduce with us, we feel these negative chain reactions of being out of balance.

We store that feeling of fear. Our bodies fear being out of balance and they might even be provoked into more fear if we try and have sex with someone, because our bodies told us to, and they reject us.

The resource assessment will then translate as a negative reaction when we try to use it in future assessments.

The person that rejects us put us into a full state of awareness of that need, for reproduction and safety, and of that negative ability to get that need/that rejection.

Our bodies probably freak out a bit and worry. They might even assess us as not being capable of carrying on the food chain, and now someone confirmed that. Our bodies may have already been out of balance due to junk food and energy drinks, and were already being told to get off the food chain before they pass that shit on to the next genes.

Then someone confirms that feeling and those reactions build up to where they flow through our bodies and form spiral adaptations of negative reactions in our brains and down through our bodies.

Then we get a rope and hang ourselves from Golden Arches.

Oh…this might be the beginning to McSuicide.

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