‘Faking it’ With the Left Brain

When we are ‘faking it’ it’s generally due to us not wanting other people to know what’s actually going on with our emotions.

We pretend to be in love so we can get all of our stuff before leaving a shared apartment

 *cough* self failures of reality *cough*

So when I did this I took the emotion I had had of love and pretended it was still there. You rely on this idea of love.

So you fake the left side display of the real right side emotion.

My brain felt fear at losing my stuff and faked the movement of love on my face and in my body.

You take an emotion you used to feel, remember the fine motor movements of it, like the way you used to smile or the common song you used to sing.

You repeat the motions without the emotions.


When we actually ‘feel’ something there is a natural display of the face from right side stimuli.

The blueprint is created. Sometimes we store it…I think. Othertimes the feeling might get lost in the emotion to where we might have to truly feel it again to remember. Like when you see your true love again or even someone you despise and want to put a wrecking ball to their face (or just play the song eighty times).

Even day to day we fake it with the left brain, when we pretend to not feel our emotions, such as anger at a babe breaking the stove with a spoon or someone cutting us off, and we make our face smile while it is actually trying to bite them, or something less dramatic. I don’t know I’m not a parent.

We even utilize stored left side blueprints and put them onto our face. We take stored memories of fine motor movements. We take the emotion we want to show, we find the emotion memory of it, and create the face that our body knows.

So we take our right side emotion and instead of showing what it tells us to, we ‘create’ a different response. We form a blueprint either using old stimuli or what we’ve seen before.

We fake it.

We are actors on a stage. Some humans even pretend for hours and hours or years and years. Marriage comes to mind. For some.

We can even train ourselves to not ‘feel’ as we lose true connection to our brain’s translation.

Can we eventually force the fake so much that we stop feeling? The brain loses its ability to translate between right and left as we force it to fake. Like not using Spanish for years and forgetting all of it. Like learning the piano and then losing the skill.

Or does that ‘faking’ stimulate the brain into using that area so much we actually evolve it?

Do some people just have less activity in the right side regardless?

Some people get feelings when they read books. Some people feel in a church. Some simply don’t. Is it trained? Can we be born with it?

Jeffrey’s mum did acid in the womb and he doesn’t ‘connect’ as well/feel as well.

Maybe the trip put him at a constant withdrawal from it, or a constant stimulation from it, to where his brain simply doesn’t translate feelings as our does, or they are numbed overall.

Eventually we might let those emotions out. We feel all that repression and our faces are overcome with everything we held in.

Sometimes it feels we are ever searching for ourselves. 

Glitching as we try and translate our existence.

Ever searching for what is ‘real’.

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