An expoSed look at Ainsley’s Mind

Tiny voice


found commonality (board)


Spoke aloud

(Awareness of others is an assessment)

How have I been high for so long?

*thinks of delivering package (test of  new mindframe) and realize (slight anger at realizing and confession/defensive (glared out) Glaring=focus of anger (fuel primal)

No no, no realize yet

Thought of being  high, though about package (and delivering it after lab because thought of time (3:30 and then the time pathed to the memory of the package) and then *checks time participant in five minutes)

Sigh..must attend to,. Let’s see if I can remember when return (searches and finds vague but quickly(was able to quickly find) connections of it happening (package) (focus caused forward pressure (prefrontal cortex)

  • able to think of this while going to Drive (priority theory) without stopping scrolling and opening sona..then back here
  • *A bit more focus and okay okay let’s do this (hurried)

Almost walked past door to enter to enter participant number (hurried state) but accessed past moments (spatial cues put me back into memories of going into the room to enter participant number on screen)

Participant barely looked me in eyes, but noticed when my voice went up/away from the script and to her. Most people do, and turn to look different response process

When we look into people’s eyes are we using more emotion/right side of brain ??

Haha I like that I have to have access to myself (sign in, was working on PicMonkey photos and came over here to tell you a recipe idea after looking at the bacon wrapped leek)

Do bacon wrapped series, add own bacon wraps, and other bloggers, suggest ripping bacon, and then maca or chocolate bacon

Best Bacon

Oh and then tell about paranoia

*able to fully stop eating salad despite being high, even after looking at cranberries, go organ meat nutrients (all I’ve had today is oxtail and its broth)*

(paranoia and fear also from PIzza? It is an

Girl looked me in eyes and felt connected (first person to nod and say, “That was really interesting (genuinely), “Thank you”.

Abnormal amount of fear that I usually don’t get from just the thought of Mindi coming over here and reading what I’m writing…no., of (had to access memory vs present (word replacement process), Mindi knowing I was doing this instead of paying attention to the participant and then I would do it (pay attention to the participant) and realize they were fine and I was waiting to read them the script, and then calm down and realized they didn’t need me until then so Mindi wouldn’t be angry at me, and then reassessed realized Mindi would never have been angry and that it was odd my fear meter was higher

(layers of assessment…when high people are more ‘paranoid’ over things that make no sense (pause in analysis (focus more on right side of brain than left? Memory both easier to access from relaxation of pathways, but harder to automatically access because the process is also SLOWER!)

When she asked a question more I focused more and looked into her eyes automatically

Despite mind saying to eat body is saying no and auto intermittent fasting

After saying it in lab was able to talk to Miguel more

Teach people to start with small moments of working on that area of the brain. Confess to small lies. Even form small lies and then break them with yourself.

Express it out loud though, that’s the area that has to be worked

Read sentence in book wrong and then say it aloud right?

In boredom or assessing…next move vs thought…before thought we evaluate body, thought of eating, moved past idea, and then decided to type about how I didn’t want to eat instead

Thought of food and then drink vs drink then food (trained)?

Fear at having nothing to do (went to outlook and realized this, since I felt fear at thinking of nothing to do (in body) and realized I don’t want food so now what? Remembered I could deliver Package and calmed down, then analyzed and realized

*calmed self down when photo editing from fear and continued to edit instead of go back from crop, able to analyze and access but takes another layer to reach calm lear (fear but no anger this time)

Went back with *new eyes/path* and was able to cut all fear and cropped the edge even more, with no desire/fear of going back (full control adaption through realizations **imagine chest beat and firm chin into air*

*wanted to eat after accessing exhaustion and wanting to break a bit/cry when realized she was pretty, assessed self, in that assessment felt exhaustion of all these thoughts and realizations and wanted to cancel D&D (future perception of using brain more) and just go cry and break (felt tingles of breaking in connections )

Then finished script and wanted to go emotional eat (need for comfort) mouth watering even now, at denial as opposed to when I was in control (salivating stopped at full realization and reassessment)

Specifically want the cranberries, and upon focus of them mouth waters more and eyes widen more, think of salad and they (greens) they automatically calmed and lowered), future perception of this post is always weary making (also future perception)

Got happy at email replies for study grou p(primal accepted feelings (opposite of sad feelings for eating at primal rejection assessment (beauty moreso)), eating it made me happy and want to laugh vs sad

Accents use more of left cortex, Miguel got used to script and used right more (instead of accessing left as much) the more he knew the study

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