Acid Trip 2015

Can you find the withdrawals?

Let me capture something else into the world’s reality (before: write something else into the world’s reality) God I just want to capture this moment before losing it. THis scarffle…we can get rid of it..right? We all want to…I can feel it I can feel all

It’s this. This exact halting

We hit these walls

I feel them

The walls of liquid fantasy

are so real

This is one.

Haing to stop the flow

We’ve put up a millions stops

*Jeffrey stops the water*

*Rueger scratches past* So afraid to lose our moments we don’t see

*end it there*

We’re so lost in the past…want to recreate it and hold it…to give it,

“Abbey what song is that”


“I have no idea!”

“Shit can you find

“Those are some of the tings…Cosmos voice *abbey is trying to listen and be part of it but is verey accepting of SCotty and gets him “It feels so sad. and so bad. No no, the friendship too. Cosmos crescendos in the background but she stops it at the peak. It’s no longer…there (why did she do that…didn’t go with the moment…*lost in ideas that feel stagnant and then the next epsiode plays….they halt. uts. Control our veyr bieng

who the fuck are they

We have been asking that all of our lives

and no one fucking knows


what have we created by not creating?

There’s something

I’m missing

we took something perfect and had to change it…why though. what is that (nature in the tub, I was swollen, wrinkles, dirt in the giners…disruptions

Water cold down me waterfall glove fade to grey drool down from cold while warmth in the tub

Jeffrey is very very old

He’s on his last life limbs

Also love you’re going to capture the world…but don’ tlet that capture you.

Splattered against the tub in colors

how do I give them this

from bubbles to air…that’s not it

seperation in the frequency

These personalities shaped around hot or cold. There

How is this one thing used…how are people so soaked into and absorbed by it god words

I’m wo so tired of words

Birth then having to adapt

THen the alamo employees come

and deliver the checks don’t fuck it up guys

Look in mirror and see youth from these lines of cloth


Like it isn’t giving us enough

is==sin’t exciting enough

like if I put this into paint I wouold hange the blue

There’s a memory in this moment*repeated in heaad all the way up to the screen realized that glitch and transcended

That I was trapped imn memoruy agian and to remember aI had to let go. Doo not let the keys become instruments type out the letters so much forcus these letters Every Finger Has to Touch  annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddddddddddd               sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddffffffffoooooccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuussss

nokay so I 6500 years old *xones in and out types fast when I need to not gegtting caught in keys I t takes so much efforc I feel it sweat from my hands in this intense pain the life of i saw my breath these laces so much purplesle this is so fucking hard but I can do it…………………..Carl Sagan Cosmos is fucking amzing so lost in kys WHen I hear that music I have Th e center of our own galaxy is abouth see bReath “wonderful goes Jeff, see wbreath swirl in smoke have to THe pwoer to sspire those behind sory Iwe’re still going transcendent soudns you might be ssing just in front of that bour ancestors..when that started I typed at the same time as it 3500 backayrd…………………….then fa320 milluion seconds kkklltrickkldkldopelakdkkkllkkkppretty old……………….fan=int f=can goodle find this kjjkilkltiming and find it together can we find this time together?

kkkkkkI have to get the letters to match his sound into the key I press

one in the same energy


bioonions of

when we try looking even fatther in the unactaually it’s the…did we catch up the beginning of time..he’s past that Earth wholds uiklreleentless strugle..ugh still beihind almost there.*smoke breath*


trying her bdjskdj

surstrugglig*Alex’s and ABbey’s *jaeffrey caughs but that won’t help you




:pHSYICAL is a speration of skin of energy

Textture is seperation

People’s names matter

I found’ ALex wworld holds all of them


ugh that just seems so real. Like he’s right next to me, I hear him move throughout the house…but he sin’t. He is in the same place but I hear them all around me like Isee them on the couch yet hear him in my ears whispering right in them, right outside my ear.

Can I type you the cold?



how is he in my ear right now. They leave…aAre they in memories. Can I hear him and feel them in memories so I hear them right next to me. I feel sounds in the window as though it is happening there and yet it is all in that one room. I hear voices not hear. Of memories.

I hear them like they’re here

“The end”

We hear and feel our memoriesl…I’m doing it in reality. Or it was just Randy’s comp;uter…No but Alex

*body pops and car runs by, lights breaking the connectionsl…that’s just it…all these hindrances to connecting. Even if I give you the cold could you feel it?

Or would you get distracted *whole worlds of it, hear them all right next to me then far away, roatating in memory’s connections all around, one nergy balls all over connecting in moment’s all over *randy and alex and jeff and abbey they all sound in connections all around me yet are stagnatnt a;; in that room

It is a trailer though and you don’t want to tgive away the p;lot before you give away the movie

God that was hard to typed

Oh hyeah cod’s univers e *feels bodyh popping all over from stretching and popping this whole tIme. Feel like one wobble though trying to reach that energy, trying to find ,,moment where I’m stuck and pop it ou

the erngy has to crack

I had to let go to remember

Alex’s eyee moving everyt

moving eveerywhere because I couldn’t see his soul lost connections


Felt him when he looked in and then found the problem and where all of it was

*You descrining it to them*

*smoking *passing around abbey’s pipe, flame in the weed *use primal points in memories to remember, like fire*

don’t get lost in it though.

Take it focus, find the memory, it’s there, cyou can focus the connections from billions into the one where it is li

llet the other connections be your p;ath to find that one with tmemory, then focus, take the fire to the tiny flame to the weed and the grass, the color of it, then float from there to me or to the memory. I’m here, but you can also go i=to

Circles *night to Alex, we connect now, I can feel him from further away Imma go connecto to abbey now, she’s nto too far, she never is

Yo ubecome disoconnected from yourself and everything that connects you to ‘yourself’

the idea of a self becomes…wrong and abstract as you transend in moments out of you, and want to stay there and connect to it forever to wher eit becomes you and ‘you’ becomes wrong, a disconnect as you try to connect outside of yourself.

You feel connectins everywhere…and that to be one with the world youf ully have to disconnect.

Yet you lose yourself and there is so much anger, molded from so much fear. You can feel all this overewhelming fear of yourself and can’t deny it then get caught in a loop as the night goes on and you’re asleep yet can’t sleep. It’s…wrong to be awake so late and that’s what you’re feeling that everything is wrong

i tried to connect to memories and to Dustin but connecting was too hard, I’d almost sleep an ocninvce myself I had dto connecto to him still

I got caught in this cycle where I could not stop thinking and …it

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