Acid Trip 2013

The world is very hard to understand, Umm the re are so many people and I just don’t understand how all of these atoms and elements work together. They keep saying that carbon and hydrogen and nitrogen and oxygen are in everything (have you ever noticed the weird motions  your hands make across keyboards that we now make natural) but that’s what’s all wrong with the world you see is that none of us seem to know how to work it and no one is able to answer all of my questions about how we can feel the world. People have always thought I was on drugs for being this inquisitive but we all just …. They keep posing unnaturally and I don’t understand that either. When people are waiting for others they seem to pose against walls with cigs or phones, and everything feels unnatural. Shouldn’t you assume the position of body that shows how you feel about the person you are waiting for? And there are so many obstructions to the flow of the earth. When you close your eyes and just try to feel things you can tell how closed off you’ve been. Hahahh you understand my dancing keyboard.

Sounds vibrate the earth, all of these colors vibrate but I don’t understand how auras all sit in one car together and then vibrate with music and all stick with one another and all of these people just don’t understand the world fully but they all keep thinking they do and instead of trying to find it out they just laugh. I no longer understand laughter, it seems to interfere with vibrations but I just don’t get the point. I don’t get our bodies at all, how little we know about them and yet we use them ….well it’s not every day or every second it’s completely encompassing of a being to where there is no time there just is.

How did we start shaping the world? I think I understand how it happened in the first place with wood and dirt houses because that was easy for us, everyone, to understand. Then we all, well many went into dark rooms it seems, with these doors, I hate doors, but we all went away and then came back with secrets.

 How does this computer thing work? Do all of the elements of the world? They ………..I just don’t understand that….are we composed of them all and they vibrate at different points so we can feel them/… but are they in us and we can feel them or is it that they are everywhere and we can just feel them with something separate? I really don’t understand how we feel actually?  Is it just….heat,…versus cold and how do we feel cold? Does everything feel different when we close our eyes? As though when we feel with energy it is different from what we see and has it     always been that way because it seems it shouldn’t be. That the world was supposed to all vibrate where we understood and now ….well no one understand s and they all pretend to….why do they talk about anything else…so many distractions and why is it that even without drugs these thoughts come and now there is some trigger that made the thoughts more vivid ….what chemical was dormant before ….lying there….why are there words that some can understand and others can’t…shouldn’t we all know what dormant means?  S shouldn’t every sound portray feeling in….because sound was made to communicate feeling with others wasn’t it….otherwise what were they trying to communicate with each other and is it the same uest   questions we seek now?  Did they pass it to us………they speak of reincarnation………………llll there is supposed to travel to be elsewhere….do you undde under this word is very hard to get out because it is very long. But do you understand damn I forgot know the question because I was spelling out out each letter…..there was a thought…but now I really don’t like this keyboard because I don’t understand it either

Yes if we can have ourselves….we’re supposed to!!! WhatWjat is this with soulld!!! We all talk about souls and how we have them but apparently some people think differently about it thanthen others and we can’t all just get together and talk. Why is there blood???   People question that until we don’t care and keep saying well in a perfect world…don’t they understand even saying that adds to the even more imperfect we have started to make???  This alck of understanding…people can’t concente concentrate non one thing for too long.  Have you ever been able to connect to your higher self and why do so many people cal that insane? The Christians talk about having some portal….God how lovely I have felt him but now I have also felt my own god my own higher beautry and why do people try and make that worng? We ridicuae each other and make harsh sounds to ward people away when we should all b e talking, we should all be trying to figure the world out and I’m tried of understanding hearing that we’ll all underatnd one day because it shouldn’t be that even one soul like mine exists. Becu we     Is there some open ….     Is there not some love vibration to send out to everyone do people underatnd word fully…. I don’t think people think very often about what they are saying I don’t think any of them actually underatnd becaue I keep hearing these three words




That’s four…they even made that confusing

Can we all just be united? And why can’t that happen now??

You don’t understand what everybody pretends to understand


Why do people love others on drugs for art and entertainment value but then they are suddenly dangerous in all other aspects of life? Yes they have proven to be that way but they just should not be driving cars. There should be a walking path separate just for people on drugs.

Did you knowknkow about the light spectrum? Like when you see a color it’s just a reflection of the light and it can’t absorb green…all of these frequencies and waves and misunderstandingmisunderatnding and still the question of why

And how did someone come up with the word why?  This person …it isn’t just the word because it’s not like the sounding of w bouncing of hy doesn’t lead to other letters. It just is

So someone came up with a word that is meant to lead to more words through its implications. Why is just someone asking more

Such a large concept we tried to give to one word.

Does it freak you out that there are memories we have of where your keys are even though you are n o longer in that room Somehow even though yhou are not there your brain remembers that you were and it also remembers where the object is within that memory, often using memories from even more past experiences within that.  Such as if you left your keys on the keyholder but this time you left them in the pasta bowl. There is past future and future present…..then these paths seem to start colliding because you have problems remembering where you left things because it is hard for your mind to perceive different times of the past. Yesterdays motions versus today’s motions. The actions you perform as part of the subconscious, such as putting down a water bottle or throwing out the trash. It is a different part of the mind and then we try to activate it with the same part of the mind that is trying to remember a different part of conscious where we changed what is the norm, where you noticed it a slight bit more. Maybe the key ring lit on fire so you put your keys in the pasta bowl to extinguish it and thus that memory was more vivid but the subconscious was still the relient source since your main concern was the fire, thus being your conscious. Now you are trying to remember where you put your keys as your conscious remembers the fire and the current moment you are in while your subconscious is trying to tell you they are in the past bowl. This won’t work because we do not know how to separate the two. I also do not know how to separate them….develop both of them and then you can learn this yourself. But you are trying to combine too much so stop.

Americans are very sight based and very into not asking questions. There is a fear in people to not ask what they do not understand, because of the fact that we feel that most people do not understand us. That we have so many questions when we are little and at that point you are put with a person not questioning ie your parents and it just a clash. We need to understand.

In America with the wars and the fights and starvation we don’t understand it and thus we just push it aside. We would give money if it were a link in the sidebar, in =our peripheral mind set.  We need convenience because we understand that. They make it simple. Give us money and we will use it to create something better.

How does a rotten piece of fruit hurt your budy…an overly ripe one hurt your body and yet the one in between is the miracle we should eat three times a day?

See just this utter lack of communication in the world?  We all have our fields, such as science religion and media and put them all in separate rooms made by architects, integrated the maker of the rooms.  Yet it is still separated. Science into hospitals where we go for quick cures to such deep problems. We have inner problems that pills can trigger, those chemicals can make you believe your better temporarily make your mind not be in pain with a fake fix and make you want more without spending the time to fix it. Meditaiton, healing yourself within to be out. IF you believe in spirit or even energy then it is inside you so of course if you don’t focus and cleanse it and feel it inside you then your outside is just showing that. Your skin if pinched can tell you if you are dehydrated inside. If you have a rash something is wrong on the inside. Doctros starting calling these symptoms, and they understood that. They were able to take these concepts and explain them.  We all need to know it from all different sides, trying to communicate those that understand science with those that understand philosophy with those that understand English. We put all of us together in college to learn and grow together,  the best years of life as people call it. Then all go into our separate buildings called professions.

Sure you can make your friends, randomly trying to choose people out of the crowd to connect to you but the real feeding ground is now the internet or and Facebook, these places where you can try and find those with your ideas. But the thing is that the internet doesn’t talk to you, you get a relationship with a computer and the people within it, which is fine but we need that energy of another person, that physical skin and love and energy that comes from two people lighting their eyes into each other as they both understand a concept or love the same song and feel that connection.  The reason people get worse at energies is because they rely on their computers and the vibrations of heat and radio waves and then go to a separate environment where they are getting different ideas with different energies.   So how to connect this? Well look at why people are separating themselves.  Look at also if they even want to be or if they think they should be?  And also money is  a thing. Vaults to hide money another locked door, a room to put the vault in with the money and then keep yourself near the money by living there with your valuables and guarding your sanctuary. This can include things you personally have connctoin to as well.  Plus we start to think human connection is very slow, listening to a full sentence of another without having orn in the background tab.  With humans you  have to concentrate on what they say, care about it, listen without thinking of something else, ads giht club puts it.  On the internet you can have what you are actually interested in in the background. seeing

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