You know what’s cray cray about drugs in ways that makes them all too sane and undeniable?

Which sucks because I love me that denial phase,

How well you can feel them once you know what they do.


But denial has to accept super fucking fast when caffeine is all like, Imma make it obvious by activating all your primal triggers and making you growl at cars.

I‘ve been self testing on drugs a lot lately.  I’m searching my brain for those withdrawals, and their opposite effects of when you are on the drug.

So far I know caffeine creates crashes as fierce as the stimulant, food might be able to create a connect and disconnect based on afferent and efferent nerves, and acid might also deal with those exploding CNS/PNS nerves (but more on that later). 

Drugs have this odd little function in the bodily brain. OR the brain and body. However you wish it worded for your sense making receptors.

At first…I think…I noticed it in Jeffrey. We would be at this balance of conversation and be speaking like normal humans, but then we would drink coffee.

Suddenly the conversation became more..aggressive. Offense was taken easily and I felt the need to massage him more.

My own sense of self had this shrinking feeling (that whole feel small feeling you get around your parents…possibly the body conserving resources at intimidation…) and at first I backed away.

Then…my mind analyzed.

The left brain hemisphere took over to rationalize the emotions.

His words were barely understandable. I couldn’t ‘hear’ him as the words vibrated the sound waves too aggressively for me to understand them.

The understanding of English become lost in the emotion of his sounds. 

The brain mechanisms of language understanding were stifled in order to defend me, to assess, to make sure he wasn’t about to turn into a wild boar dragon and eat my hands.

!! Holy Fucking Google Search I love you

The Limbic Fs

So the four Fs. Your base emotions that have to be taken more seriously than thought/higher prefrontal cortex thinking. The brain even says so. To flee, to fight, to fuck or to feed. These take over in order for us to survive as a human race of a species.

When you’re really angry at say…sports ball or even during a relationship argument, you tend to not be as ‘clear headed’. You yell and allow yourself to seep into emotion rather than thinking or using all that prefrontal cortex rationalizing and thinking stuff (planning/’higher’ functioning area of brain). 

When on any type of drugs these are the things to analyze about yourself. How badly do you want to eat? How controllable is your desire to eat? To Fuck?

How quickly do you want to fight?

How hard is it to read?

Think of common people on caffeine. Think of New York, of Wall Street.

Coffee/Caffeine is a stimulant that activates you, and I think it activates the limbic system too. A Google search didn’t show research on this, but for this dopamine study, and that’s not even the same thing, but does show that when the brain takes on a stimulant, or even activates any part of the brain, another part of the brain has to compensate/deactivate. More research is needed. 

It’s okay though, we have the technology now. I could prove it in a day 😉

P.S. If you are a first time viewer to this blog I request you begin at the beginning

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