What a Sporadic Rough Draft of Ideas for the Next Post Looks Like


DBS is used…for both depression and Parkinsons


What if autsim happens the moment they have to adapt?

That’s why a firm link can’t be found…why we ‘don’t know’ is because adaptation to stimuli is ‘different’for everyone…

Foods in higher carbs last longer-lends to hibernation explanation

The Human Diet

Why would the most evolved creatures on this earth not be able to adapt to anything?

You know what an ant does when its leg gets ripped off?

It keeps fighting to live and go reproduce. Have you ever seen a cockroach after you hit it? How many times do you have to try and smash that critter before it finally gives up?

Not once you’ve smashed it’s guts into its shell, not after it’s shell is shredded against itself. A roach only stops trying to live once it is dead.

All of these animals are instinctively reproducing as a purpose to life. Over and over without the stimuli of eternal love and roses, or the bounty of a tax payoff with a marriage certificate. These animals live to fuck and fuck to keep living.

So when did humans start wanting to kill themselves? When did humans want to stop reproducing?

Many humans view mental disorders as a consequence of life circumstance. Once your girlfriend leaves you with only a post it or text then life suddenly becomes too hard to adapt.

Or is it that you do not have the right nutrients to adapt. Break down the emotions.

Rejection: Why does rejection feel like knives thrown into our gut that everyone can see?
Imagine: A loin clothed man standing outside the circle of humans after being cast out.
Primal: Imagine a horse cast out of the pack because their leg is broken.
Realize: When rejected we leek into a primal fear as an evolutionary adaptation. Our body recognizes the stimuli coursing through it as the heart rate increases to prepare for battle and check for stimuli that can kill you. Your amygdala primes you with fear that stimulates that hippocampus and reminds you of other moments this pain has occurred. Come on now, it needs to prime you with memories so you know what to avoid and what to look for.

Your body is preparing to fight from your stimuli of the mind.

How fucking cool is that?
It makes you suicidal?

Oh yeah…for some reason adaptation is not working. Instead of looking for ways to live your body is telling you to die.

Let’s go back to the horse. Now little Whiny has hurt itself over and over again. This horse accesses all of those memories of failure and its body decides that maybe it is not best to live any longer. Now it takes a fuckton for a body to think this. It has to truly be unable to adapt to the idea of a lion gorging out its bones and flinging its flesh into the cub’s mouth.

What could it take for a horse body to give up living?

A horse will try to stand up several times before it finally lays down. It will give up more and more as the days go on and it has a lack of food. Eventually the bright notes of life will no longer connect in that horse mind, as it does not have the nutrients do. The horse will die in the same way any other starved creature would.

So if you are able to feel that lack of nutrients while having to adapt to a primal stimuli what would you do? Would you feel the need to kill yourself?

The first documented case of a mental disorder was blank. This man blank blank.

They lost the connections that they died

When they ask if somoe

What if ketosis helps because it helps put your mind in an active state of being?

Your body is on detox from the ketosis as well as is being told to stay awake and active (from low carb/accessible foods / opposite of hibernation)

Many people in keto report less sleep. Not less sleep like insomnia, but that we need less of it. We don’t want it and try to sleep more but prefer to out and moving. We want to sleep less. Our bodies don’t want to hibernate.

Higher sex drive occurs.

Larger humans are less sexually active because their body is preferring to sleep and hibernate instead of reproduce.

So keto helps alzheimers and its symptoms but does not go for its cause.


Nutrients being lacked, false nutrients (or both), artificial what the fuck over…all three

Three’s a charm of mental disorders

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