Sugar Mindset and Storing

Sugar has a mindset of excitement
Exciting memories even, childhood….fast food, quickly getting food…the moment you’re starved you think of it…fast energy…addicting the mind..Watch this

The first part sparked this idea…

Mindsets fascinate me. You would think alcohol and weed had this magical ability to make you drop inhibitions and gain control over social. Okay that’s what I thought and I’m not sure which idea would have naturally passed through your mind and which parts would stick.

Maybe the word mind would have stuck and you’d get lost in thinking of cheese then never continue the thought.

What this leads to is another issue.

With sugar we store food, as seen by obese people.
The problem is not just this storing of food. When we eat fast food we’re storing the toxins.

We’re storing the mind rape. I did this for years. Sure a lot of it worked itself out through sweat, but I’d constantly be tingling my pores out with energy drinks. I’d be storing the fake sugars of chaos inside me until they became what I was functioning on.

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