Squirglefucks of Body and Mind Adaptation: The Rot Sydrome

Maybe as something in my stomach rotted so was my mind rotting.

So the sick gugrglegook of stomach bubbles is still trying to turn my bum and upwards into an instrument.

I think.

Here’s the case.

Ugh. Words. Just come into my head and find the ones you need. Then you may go off into the world and even put them wherever words seem missing.

Can you take out the sick too though?

Right now it seems I got sick from my body trying to adapt to something in it.I still don’t know what that was, and since I know everything that goes into me and where it comes from the best guess is this is just the keto flu. Except that I would only be detoxing from the pumpkin I had too much of. Yet a while back I’d also been cheating at Alamo. A lot. And a while back meaning last week.
So at the same time my body is maladapting from adapting to what the fucksick ever my mind also had a misreaction.I maintain the idea was a sporadic calm though.Of wanting to end life.Just…I am a believer that there are multiple lives and that the people who lived here signed up to be here. But also that this world might be too far gone.I lost…the reason to live.I accomplished my reason to live.And thus it was gone.I had to adapt to a new reason to live, actually want to live with complete awareness that it is a choice, and try to make my body breathe without both passages having liquid come out.
If it weren’t for truly feeling Dustin is a twin flame and his comfort yesterday I would still be debating.However.I saw colors so intense and scrumglorious they hurt my eyes.My sickness passed but for stomach urgs at too much movement.Once his energy left me hours later I felt alone.Lost.This world just feels empty.

Yet then it is so full.There are humans that have been fighting this battle for years upon years without me even knowing.Without you even knowing.Companies fight to stay in power and all they need are dollars.Dollars that we give them.Dollars they use to hide real research.

Yet all we have to do to make them crumbleIs stop giving them our dollars.
I have no idea why I want to use purple and blue suddenly.

P.S. If you are a first time viewer to this blog I request you begin at the beginning

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