Shamelessly Recommending Life

To bliss your mind I have other news.

I would now recommend life.
That’s the first time I’ve been willing to use those words.
Before yesterday those words had never been true. I refused to have a child because this world wasn’t worth living in. Then…I felt what it was like to live. Memories flooded of before all of this.
Not this blog, but before I was suicidal.
…there was much pain in feeling what happened between then, and knowing now that the scorglemindfucks of raw scraping from attempting to control my mind didn’t have to happen.
This body and this mind were never pre-written to access such pains. My mother was not doomed to throw shoes and scream us awake because her mind could not adapt to having children. Her mind leaking fear like the hormones that could not stimulate their receptor sites. She did not have to leave us with scratching words because the rejection of her past was so deeply intwined into her memories that her amygdala is probably enlarged. Her responses to life became based on fear.
Did you know kids with autism have enlarged amygdalas? They fear life before they’re even born. The amygdala is the fear/flight or fight response of the brain. It is attached to your hippocampus which deals with emotion and memory. It also deals with autonomic reactions. The autonomic nervous system is your internal system of organs. Your automatic bodily responses to stimuli are all so intertwined.
The body remembers is an idea/obvious truth that your body responds to certain stimuli from past experience. Tequila generally falls into this for people that overdid it and now can’t drink tequila. Your body remembers due to an evolutionary adaptation. Your body wants you to fear those memories in order to protect you.
The issue is we think we are so higher thinking that these body parts we function in do not matter.1 in 88 kids have autsim. There is nothing that can account for that massive spike except for outside circumstances. There is no gene. They’ve thrown fucktons of dollars at finding one. It is an interaction of genes with the environment that causes a human to no longer be able to connect to life, to language, or to love.
Everything ties together so obviously, so gelatiny (versus concretely).
How to escape a world coated in lies when those lies have turned to poison for the mind?
Also I made chocolate frog massage bars for Mind Lifting Mouthgasms. I haven’t fully told them about you. You’re in the About Me section.Once that blog takes off all will come together.I just hope…I don’t even know anymore.At least there’s chocolate and massages.

A more extensive post on why to live is coming.

P.S. If you are a first time viewer to this blog I request you begin at the beginning

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