Rough Draft: Social Anxiety and Fairy Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Did other humans escape all of the anxiety…the desire to escape the horrific dealings of anxiety….with death, by simply not caring?

Do they not fear being around other humans simply because they defaulted (or worked to) not care if other humans liked them?
Did these humans simply just go into a hole/into video games to the point they didn’t have anxiety. 
listening and responding to body desires.
If anxiety is forcing something then anti anxiety/not having it would be doing what your body wanted. Cave video gaming.

Basically they don’t feel the anxiety because they don’t force it…
anxiety equaling forcing things
Those humans who have the anxiety might be triggered by being forced to socialize
 or thinking they should. (Societal gibberish standards)
The mere thought connecting in the brain to the same place as forcing it.
Others who should have social anxiety simply don’t if I just presumed anxiety was a direct cause of poor diet (as hypothesized by evolutionary hypothesis of the body signaling you to not reproduce). 

So what if the anxiety comes from a force of socializing when the body says not to

Anxiety at even the thought you should be socializing/going against bodily desires….

So if you simply stop caring about humans could you wire that into your brain?

Simply become asexual or just rely on one to three humans to fill that bodily need….

Could you…even passively…so could your brain
and stop feeling anxiety 
because it adapted and no longer needs sex
Sex would become just something you do. No longer connecting to it, feeling it,  but simply doing it. Fucking. Simply. Going in and out or having someone cum in and out.

Could your brain ‘give up’ on reproducing?

I fear the future sometimes…

Also in Mind Lifting Mouthgasms news, I’ve got some enticing mouthgasms coming. I just find it annoying to try a recipe and if it fails I don’t fully know how to fix it, nor want to make it again. But for shaing purposes I do make them again and find a way to share them…I want to just eat to eat though.

Regardless here’s some shoot photos for you

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