Rough Draft: Code Cracking: Mentally Defined Disorders

I think I cracked the code.

They all make sense now.

Purple is self hypothesized
Blue is facts
Green is general knowledge

Every mental disorder.

Fluxret- The inability or struggle to adapting.

OCD-Fluxret to fear

ADHD-Fluxret to planning (connecting the past, present, and future)

Autsim- Fluxret to fear of sexuality

Williamson’s- Fluxret to anything but sexuality (equal and opposite of autsim)

Suicide- Fluxret to life

Anxiety – Pretending to not have fluxret or adapting at all or people trying to make you socialize when you desire to hibernate

Bipolar disorder – Inability to adapt expressed by extreme emotions (adaptation being the ‘middle’ emotion/the grey to black and white)

Borderline Personality Disorder- Fluxret to own body, expression of fluxret through provoking bodily pain on self, adaptation is through pain (expressing body desires of the mind back through the body)

Effects of Each

OCD– Obsessions exhibiting compulsions of that fear, repeated over and over/expressing the fluxret.  Obsession and compulsions to that obsession (washing hands over and over due to fear of germs). Common germ fear is potential disconnect between body and earth.
ADHD – Anger when people or you attempt to adapt, fluxret to learning (an adaptation of connections to new information or life adaptations/differences to normal connections). Hyperfocus: (Anger at connecting elsewhere/adapting to conenctions away from current focus)
Autsim – Exhibit inability to evolve/have sexuality towards own species due to fear of life itself (thus continuing life would be ‘impossible’).

1) Reduced ability to interpret the emotions and intentions of others, 

2) a reduced capacity for social interaction and communication, 

3) a preoccupation with a single subject or activity.

 Story from textbook: Alex cried so hard when he was a baby he would vomit. It was his first sign of autism…, Alex also yells “Are you ready to rock” to a delivery boy because a delivery boy said it once in passing. He is obsessed by spaghetti, chocolate ice cream, and trucks. He can spot trucks in a magazine that are so small that most people would not immediately recognize them, and he has all his toy trucks lined up in the main hallway of his house. Despite his severe mental retardation, Alex has little difficulty with computers…Alex has echolalia; that is, he repeats almost everything he hears. He recently told his mother that he loves her, but she doubts very much that he understands what this means-he is just repeating what she has said to him. He loves music and knows the words to many popular songs” (p. 251).

From sign of vomiting as baby you could assume the body is attempting to get rid of something in it.

Second Layer of Autism- Become savants to where they only connect to one area and have heightened mirror neurons as a side effect (or cause to side effect)

From Text: Savant abilities remain a mystery. These abilities do not appear to develop through learning or practice; they seem to emerge spontaneously. Even savants with language abilities cannot explain their own feats. They seem to recognize patterns and relations (connect to one place regardless of stimuli) that escape others. Several investigators have speculated that somehow damage to certain parts of their brains has led to compensatory overdevelopment in other parts (Treffert &Christensen, 2005; Treffert & Wallace, 2002) (p 252). 

Williamson’s – Struggle with school/intelligence but excel at sexuality (could hypothesize that they had an equal and opposite reaction of Autsim to where their human faculties are just in reproduction) 

Due to: Signs of Williamson’s are extremely sociable and excellent at music (mating calls) story telling (mating with voice fluctuations) and dancing (mating body calls)

Suicide –  Attempt to adapt to life but do not have the faculties/nutrients/evolutionary capabilities of doing so and end life

Anxiety – Body can feel you doing the opposite of it’s desires (based on what society wants or you want) and causes sweating, fear, or general bodily responses to signal something needs to be changed (adapted)

Bipolar Disorder – Express emotions on spectrum of extreme anger or extreme happiness without a grey area (grey area hypothesized to be adapting)

Borderline Personality Disorder – Wind up self harming to express inner pain and personal fluxret

Neuroscience of Each
OCD- Need to research

ADHD – Less myelin (speeds up connections) etc (need to research more of)

Autsim – Delayed development of language abilities and social ineraction – pathology of cerebellum (decision making), amygdala (fear response, think fight or flight), and frontal cortex (social inhibition regulator), still being studied

-spend less time looking at faces (remember this slide) suggesting evolutionary deficit/lack of connection to primal self

Will research the rest more later:

Cures and Reasons:All of the Above
More research needs to be needed/unknown

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