Oh Yes But on ThOSe RealizAtions

SOOO so so,

I’ve made sense of a few things.

Well you see.

Food under the ground would obviously be stored. Our bodies would store potatoes and other ground digging root veggies because we wouldn’t dig for them unless resources were scarce.

Then our bodies would be like awww naw man we gotsta store that bitch so we don’t starve on down the road.
And then!

And then!
When our bodies were eating organ meats and above the ground noms whilst they were aplenty our bodies would say to go be free and hunt away. If you’re eating animal you can obviously hunt and not store the food. Go out and fuck into reproduction even, but if you are storing food we need to save humans too.

There would not be enough resources for all the humans. Our bodies then tell us to store.

So if we eat beneath the ground veggies our bodies say to store and then hibernate. Also sugar. Think about how you get sugar!

Humans don’t want to get all stung up from the bee bitches so we did not have an abundance of!!


I have to go chocolate glaze a pumpkin pie.
I made it in a blender.

Blender Pumpkin Pie coming to your mouthgasms. soon.

Sigh…I left the oven on too.

I major league filtered the picture I took before leaving for Hotel Transylvania for you blissfucker beauties of mating potentials. That movie. Le happy sighing blissfucks.

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