Mindsets and Drugs

They enjoy that new mindset more than this one.


Or everytime they want to escape this normal mindset they crave the drug
It’s why weed is a gateway. It’s the first new mindset…
Then you want more and more

It’s also why you can stop needing/being addicted to drugs

Becauseyou can enjoy this norm mindset more, fall in love, want to be in it

But when they trigger you out of it, when something from that drug mindset touches you and you have a new mindset you might crave or opposite that drug

When you get in a fight in the norm mind you crave that drug because you crave that mindset

Let me explain this whole Mindset ThingOr do you already get it?

I’ve discussed the concept as a small theme to this experiment. Not only does the lack of hormones and pesticides, or what the fuckbrainruiningever leaked into the humans of America, lend to a clear mind that desires to live, but also the possibility of it harboring new connections lends to reasons for non suicide. In fact, it could even be a reason why this study worked regardless of the food. Yet, every time I cheat anxiety comes back, then the desire to push someone, then scrape them, then kill them, then kill me.
The same fucking reactions in the same order, every time. I got it from using random soap the other day. Oh yes, this goes much deeper than food. Condoms be damned though because you’ll look strange in a human condom and then be socially secluded regardless.
Yet with these new foods comes a new mind. Admittedly I’d already been having meat before this, but not organ meat. Also other studies are showing large correlation between nutrition deficiencies and ADHD, as well as many parents who have autistic kids report them connecting to life once they get rid of chemicals and switch to a gluten and casein free diet.

So when you have raw foods/foods your body has never tried, it has to adapt to them. Now, during this adaptation you are forming and sparking new connections in your brain. This is the process of neurogenesis and it does not stop once you hit adulthood. Our brains develop all of our lives. 

With this you can also have that knowledge that all of the scorgy ick scrounging up your past is able to be destroyed and reconnected. You can neurogenes out the pain.
Within this adapting and new mindset possibility is also the sparking of new connections.When on drugs you are suddenly not using the same connections you use every day.
The fact that red is red because of how often you’ve associated it, is no longer fully true.Your mind might confuse red for blue in a fully drunk moment.Colors though are more set.What is more likely to happen is you no longer connect to the pain of an ex, or the reason you should not sleep with them tonight.Instead your mind has lost those barriers/connections.
So when you get drunk you wind up loving that mindset. You feel that area of mind is  superior to your daily mind. This mind you mostly function in becomes very tedious and you no longer want to be in it. Then you drink and there’s a new mind, fresh with inhibition and more easily turned on. This mind might even lose anxiety, lost the pain of the past, and allow you to be ‘you’/the version of you that you want.
What if that mindset gets fucked?
What if you get drunk so much there’s connections you hate within the drunk mindset too?
Then you switch drugs and the cycle whirls on.

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