I May Have Food Poisoned Myself with Cow Heart

Yeah so….
The sick became too sickly to just be the keto flu.

Then I remembered that I put cow heart inside me. It was about three weeks old but it tasted fine so I just…sigh. Don’t worry. I regret it more than your twenty seconds on the subject of a mind does.
Yet, despite being food poisoned the suicidal desires only crept in at first, but then they left. Once I’d adapted to the thoughts the desires went away. Now I…feel actually adapted to life. 
But…every second there is still a suicidal human on Instagram.

This issue encompasses more than just a small blog rifling through minds.

It needs to become bigger.

I’ve been awaiting some type of…fame or neurological machine to prove it but every second someone is in pain and doesn’t know why…they’re usually young. So many are trying to hide it. They pretend and hide their scars, but some do show them.
I want to have a nude picture of me being strangled by fast food boxes, but right now people would write it off as someone trying to just get fame. I have to have fame and then do it to where it soils the idea of the fame more than promotes it. Time frame.
Right now I want to sue the FDA. For so many fucking things that this will take time, and I’ll need a neuroimaging machine to have my mind like this, fully clean and aware, and then have it scanned a week later, after I consume the things they have passed as safe. 

We are at a time where people do not trust the government and there is reason for this. Right now a rebounding emotion of revolution is possible. It just all has to hit at the same time. Every medium to be crossed.

A movie, a court case, a comic book, a book and a scientific article all at the same time. I think I can do all of those things. The time is all that is waiting.

P.S. If you are a first time viewer to this blog I request you begin at the beginning

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