How Silly is it that we Want to Lose Weight?

Have you ever realized how stupidly silly it is that we want to lose weight?

I think of most everything in life through primal mind now and back in natural times we would want that weight. That weight would mean we didn’t have to hunt, we had hunted enough, and now we could just chill and fuck .

They would actually want that weight. Now. Now we eat so much that we want to lose it…we’re so fucking weird,

I am so blisffucking happy today

Oh I think I know what happy and sad are.

As bodily reactions.

They are feelings outside of homeostasis, disruptions to the balance.

We are ‘happy’ when our body needs to be alert, excited, and wanting to move (hunt), while we are sad when our bodies feel like they can’t hunt (be excited, alert etc). Proven a bit in science by the fact depression is now Type III Diabetes due to their brains showing similar responses neurologically and the symptoms being the same. Swollen brains man. Swollen brains being caused by sugar overloads and then the brain wanting to hibernate. It’s like I’m good man, no more, let me just use this energy.

But society is all like “You’ve gotta function bitches” so we get all of this anxiety in the disrucption of what our body wants vs our minds, but our minds still want the same thing and have to deny it.


Hahha I just thought of something more funny.

We pay the very people that caused us to gain weight to continue the system.

And then

and then

We can’t trust our own bodies so we try to pay others to take care of them.

Then we pay faces of people with ‘diet’ plans.

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