Future Melting Love

“I’m looking forward to it.”
Have you ever truly felt that sentence? Then you can realize just how beautiful and profound those words put together are.
You are looking into the future, such a crazily blissburden of the human mind, yet a force of nature that lends us life.
We plan and we create. We mold the future with our current connections, our past connections.
If you look into the mind you could watch it occur. You can drag up memories and hold them and shape reality around them. You shape your future around them.
So when you tell someone you’re looking forward to something.
Not only are you being literal, but you’re also encompassing the connotations now felt by that phrase.
You want it to happen.
You are able to imagine a future.
And you want that person in it.

That is so lovely my heart melts and the substance of love solidifies within me after melting into my heart and filling my veins.

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