Coming Up and The Lack of Getting Off and Up

Many things to tell you of:

Well maybe a you…do you accept that label? Okay okay. Yorken. I have things to tell yorken.

I’ll do bullet points

  • Wow I lost all of them in forming this one.
  • I made apple cider in the slow cooker
  • And Pumpkin Spice Cake…here’s a raw image of that

  • And pumpkin spice ketchup
  • I really want to just eat organ meat now and nothing else. This is a body desire since my mind is like no fucking way, chocolate and raspberries and creams, but I dream of organ meat and the sense is there that it has all the nutrients humans need and making my mouth and body adapt to other foods takes away its true usage of utilizing the organ meat.
  • By changing who I am/becoming a life nutrient advocate I’ve turned all of my bonding in life (interaction of similarity between humans/what you already know of as friend making) into bridging. 
    • Basically there is now bridging (bringing new information to humans where they either accept it and bonding forms or do not accept it and you are isolated) between me and all of my friends.
    • All of my  bonding in life had turned to bridging even with the person I am most bonded, Abbey.
    • Abbey no longer filling my need for acceptance led to rejection disruption of my entire being and that caused a lot of this Dustin obsession.
    • Without this happening I’d have never reached my deepest roots of rejection and watered them/chopped off the scraggly bits in order to form new life
  • Weed has been really interesting lately when it comes to both lots of twitching and the pain at forming new thoughts/neurogenesis.
  • Sorry for the lack of coherency but hopefully you can pick out the wrong letters and put in the right ones.

I shall elaborate on all of this eventually and make cartoons and give this blog the time it deserves as soon as I have the time for it, but sadly I have three tests coming up next week. I just had to give you something to indulge in and I’m sorry I missed our date on Wednesday. I’m overwhelmed right now.

Sigh… I want to give you all of me but the pieces are chunking off and floating into the night sky. Can you catch them and send some back to me? Or just send pieces of yourself.

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