Beginning Rough Draft of: The Hierarchy of Food in America: A Marx and Smith Perspective

Just so you know why I didn’t edit/spell check the last posts. Here is the beginning of my paper due Tuesday that will eventually will become a book of mine. So much work to do, but I’m incredibly excited for it.

The Hierarchy of Food in America: A Marx and Smith Perspective

If you could control the very thing that keeps humans alive, could you have full control of humans?
If you go to the cooking section of food to find a book on fast food in America, as I did, you might expect tons of books about the failure of American health. Instead, I found aisles and aisles of cookbooks. They spread from Indonesian cooking, to how to ferment food, to Cooking From around the world. All shapes, sizes and colors of people sharing the delights of the nutrients this world has to offer. So when did a passion for sharing food turn into the American diet of Jenny Craig and lemon pepper cayenne juice detoxes? When did food, the very thing that unites people, turn people against each other to the point talking about what is ‘healthy’ has become as painful as politics?

If you look around at daily life in America you’ll see the lower and upper class alike pulling into McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell. There is no elite fast food chain. You could even say classes are brought together by the dollar menu. So where is the bourgeoisie of food? I argue that the system of (industrial bourgeoisie, petite etc) lies in multiple parts. The doctors, plastic surgeons, fast food companies, Nestle, Coco Cola, and Wall street are composed of the industrial bourgeoisie, and control the petite bourgeoisie. The petite bourgeoisie is the power structure that simply tells the rest of the culture/the proletariat what is “safe” and what they “should eat”. The petite bourgeoisie of America are the FDA, the blank and blank. Finally we have the proletariat and blank.

The problem actually came to full force when people started to cook with the group in mind, a Smith equation with the equal leading to mass marketing of the health of America. Food blogs and diet plans have spread so far across the Internet and the general population that blank people use it as a main source of income and the rate of diets since blank has risen blank while food blogs have risen blank since blank. 

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