The McSuicide Experiment Day 63: Mental Data Update

There posts are from an experiment I did in 2015 that I am moving over to this blog.

A note on these charts. 

They are entirely self developed based upon what I have experienced so far. I show you them not only so you can see progress or scourgy lack therof, but also for you to use if you so choose. At first they might seem tedious but it is enjoyable to really be aware of yourself.

Also necessary if you want to heal without ignorance and within yourself. Ignorance is not always bliss if one is in denial. The pain just lies deeper within.

It can hurt at times, but you must feel your feelings in order to ever release them. 

Long ago I read words or Rene Descartes that said you must fully delve into an emotion to ever release it. Back then I tried everything I read or felt or heard of. I stick with the things I have found the most mentally true. I even try to go without feeling something and my mind and body know better. They let it sit and knock and tinker until I accept what is known and feel it fully.

He also said Cogito Ergo Sum. I think therefore I am. The first time I felt true connections to a human was upon reading those words. I felt lost in existence and the pain of not knowing why, and those words connected true. Then Ayn Rand, another love of mine, said Ergo Sum Cogito. I am therefore I think. I have planned to get a tattoo with those quotes upon my skin. Etched in for life. I’ve wanted it for about four years and just haven’t yet. I am not sure why. The habit of not doing I suppose.

You will notice the parts about Dustin obsession. That is explained here. I am still untrapped from that obsession and it has not redirected. I still think he may have hit it and quit it, but I’m hardly even able to latch onto that pained connection. I just moved on into other connections.

On the desire food scales. Kale is a mind food while beef and eggs are body foods/something that mentally triggers differently. These are important because they are where your mind connects to the idea of a nutrient source. If you think of kale and desire it deeply you might be mentally starved or need something in it.

Your body begins to connect mentally to food. It can also redirect. I no longer crave any fast food or sugar but would randomly desire it when on it.

P.S. If you are a first time viewer to this blog I request you begin at the beginning

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