The Literal Pain of Learning: Can we Feel new Connections Forming?

I was talking to my neuroscience psychology professor today about realization I felt last night.

You know how it can hurt to learn something?

 Such as when you take a math class and learn a whole new concept and it feels like your brain hurts?

Well what if connections are like muscles? 

We break and regrow them, and feel a sense of pain.

I’m sure I looked like a flustered fangoddess of all things brain time, but she smiled and said that could definitely be what happens.

Your brain makes certain paths when you connect to life or learn new constructs. So when you break those paths to form new paths you can actually feel it. Possibly. She seemed sure, and I felt sure, but we have not yet Googled it.

Basically you can feel your brain pathways/connections interacting and breaking when you feel pain at learning.

Feel like a mental beast then go eat dandelion greens for brain food. Or kale or spinach. For seriously it’s a mental high attack.

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