The Hypothesis of Obsession Connections: Part One

Excuse the scraggly wording, but I have work in an hour. I miss you though so let’s connect for 33 minutes.

Also, I am attempting to make a coconut cream cauliflower mash.

Something truly fascinating has occurred. Actually many moments have but I would like to do a quick post before the more extensive one this evening (/in the future).

I’ve been combatting the idea of obsession in my head. Generally concluding of a stick to a conenctions of a human. (A stick in connections where you have the connection then get trapped in it, common example is OCD).

You see someone that defies all other connections, an abstraction, a pulsing force you must cling to.

Then, you separate them from your norm connections.

A disconnect, but a desired one.

Think PTSD but for sex.

So when you meet someone that is so different and wondrous and you have to have them in your life constantly, you are then wanting that connection. You think of that connection throughout that day.

If you dislike most of your norm connections you will fall in love with reaching that connection.

Think of stalkers.

In a generalized way it fits this idea, so I don’t feel like researching it just yet.

You may do so though, and I probably will soon but want to see what thoughts I can reach first.

Basically this could all  be lies and slander.

They tend to be rather creepy people that get fixated on needing that person. They do not seem to have much of a life away from that person and probably have experienced trauma before.

Or rejection. Oh rejection is such a player here. I’m talking quarterback levels (we all get that term right? He holds the ball at some point).

Now this stalker tries to stop thinking about the person, their obsession, their connection. They attempt to go to work (a place of norm connections), to cook ( a place of norm connections), but they keep thinking of him/her. They keep accessing that connection and feeling something “different”.

They want that different connection.

Their mind wants it.

Humanity strives for adaptation, evolution, change. We strive and desire to connect to life and as a species have created incredible things. We created the car, the printing press, the Internet. We revolutionize and we do it through the ability to connect to change. Think Obama and Hitler style. They worked because people want change, but they are sheep or they are lazy. We want change but we don’t know how to get it and often we just follow.

So when we have someone that feels like change/has a connection outside the norm, we stick to it.

Love is wanting someone in your future, of that connection being in your future.

So if that person rejects us, what happens?

How do we get trapped in connections we do not want to be trapped in?

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