Summarized Mental Disorders

I updated the About Me section on Mind Lifting Mouthgasms.

It is…fluttering within me as a chaos bliss. It is coming together. My desires for what the blog should be with slight raw confessions of this one. I am not fully open about you I must admit.

With humans I trust our relationship is blatant but when it comes to a blog I want to have a career with…

I don’t know if we’re there yet is all.

We are. I’m being a coward. Forgive me blog for I have sinned.

Let’s have a quick threesome though to make it better:

The About Me Section of Mind Lifting Mouuthgasms:

Greetings WordPressers/Interneters,

I’m Ainsley, and I’ve been following a primal/keto/paleo diet for about a year now. At first, I just wanted to try it. Then, I became addicted to not being addicted to food. Food would taste bland when I was full, and delicious when I needed it. My body communicated with me. I also deal with mental disorders that are controlled and even leave when I stick to the primal lifestyle. These disorders return when I cheat. I work with food to bliss my mind into the best field of connections I can make.

Mental disorders included ADHD, OCD, social anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

I fully believe these issues can be cured by allowing our bodies and minds the right nutrients to connect to life.

In ADHD you struggle with connecting to memory and get stuck in connections of the present. This is commonly known as hyperfocus and is not desirable. Losing control of your mind is a very serious and horrid feeling.

OCD is where you get trapped in connections and can not escape them but through repetition. Oftentimes, repetition does not even cause the trapped connections to disconnect. The obsession generally occurs from a compulsion, such as needing to wash your hands over and over (compulsion) to not have germs on you (obsession).

Social anxiety occurs when your body is anxious from being around other humans. Your body signals  you to go be in a cave instead. The idea of socializing causes a fear response/ a fight or flight reaction.

Social anxiety can be due to past abuse but can be further implemented within your body from the wrong foods. This crippling mental illness can make life difficult in a world where we must communicate. I never truly made steps to get over it until I changed the food my body connected to the world with.

Processed food can be poisonous to the mind and cause it to glitch.

I do not feel humans should naturally fear being around other humans, and yet it occurs often and is something I used to struggle greatly with. After not cheating on the primal diet for months my social anxiety left. Every time I cheat it comes right back.

Suicidal thoughts occur when the body no longer wants you to live on this earth. The mind and body work together on this one, but I believe the body plays a very large role that is often ignored. If you are poisoning your mind with the food you put in it then it will no longer desire to live. This happened to me on a cheat day after months upon months of organic living. I drank an entire shake and imagined sinking beneath the water and never coming up. It was far more beautiful than living. My body desired it and created the image in my mind.

These ideas were reached from reading Grain Brain and then doing a self experiment on myself. I have another blog devoted to it. If you wish to know it contact me.

The hope within the words above is that the cure begins from within and is possible. If you struggle with any of these issues then you know they can feel like your fault. Many people do not understand them and even tell you to just get over it. If it is true that your body can cause these issues or maintain them then there is a cure and it starts with food.

P.S. If you are a first time viewer to this blog I request you begin at the beginning

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