Sugar Minded Donuts: The McSuicide Experiment Day 73

There posts are from an experiment I did in 2015 that I am moving over to this blog.


So last night I was consumed by sugar mind. I’d eaten a donut to fit in with the family and I couldn’t stop. After months of no sugar I’d lost my ability to control that addiction.

I thought of every way possible to get more donuts. I couldn’t focus in conversations but for thinking of asking if anyone wanted to split one. My body was in control of my mind.

I was able to stop once after eatings tons of zucchini and squash to the point my mind and body were too full to want them. There were four left at that point. We left them at my grandfather’s house.

We left and then our other relatives joined us at the lake house. They’d brought the donuts. They were all I could think of again. I resisted for hours and then that night I ate the last two, hiding in the bathroom with my prize.

The night started with dreaming of a field laced in glistening dew drops and beauty filled my within. Then suddenly a dark figure with a top hat emerged and his eye drooped from his socket. I felt deep fear. The night gripped me. I couldn’t fall asleep for hours.

I finally passed away and still sprung from bed this morning. I have a scratchy cloud and don’t enjoy people as much, but it’s not as bad as I foresaw. I somehow still want donuts.

I ate dandelion greens dripping in lemon juice and resisted Starbucks treats the other family members indulged in. I got truffle almonds. I can resist but the fight is real.

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