Reforming Broken Connections Through Therapy.

Where does the body end and the mind begin?

Therapy…it helps

Connecting yourself…to what?

If you think about it therapy is horrifying. You are actually accessing horrible past connections. Connecting what your mind tried to be rid of into your daily used connections.

What makes them get better?

Talking about it is proven to help.

Is it the body yet again? Is it having the therapist there?

The person…to take those connections of old, break them, and reform them with a human near you…of stability. A connection…you break and form anew.

Sometimes I’ll connect to something..a song. And see the memory of the last time I connected to it.

Memory stored in connections..

Test… Test someone on bad food with connections. See where they connect with certain memories. Show pictures. Vivid ones. See where their mind goes.

Have them change diets.

Track data on where they go on the same memories. Show pictures again. Track connections.

Fuck I want to find life vs suicide connections so badly.

*actually feels rage* I need a machine!

Past memory, saw self in moments I have thought that. Exact same thought pulls up those triggers. Breathe deeply. Feel it. Deep pain. Accept. Cleanse.

And..Ohhhhh…that’s a deep one…not over yet. *burps* Did I just…burp out a memory. Haven’t burped all day…there’s another…that deep trigger went deep within my body…where I felt it go is where that burp came from.

Okay, I’m scaring myself now. Bye.

Two hour later ish update: I went to the car to look for my work clothes and didn’t see them. I then felt a connection and saw a memory from yesterday of putting them in my trunk.

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