Orgasm Connections: The Bliss, the Wretch, and the Beauty

I didn’t want to stuff these sentences too full with words because this idea stands alone. 

Intertwining to be sure, yet let a single prickled ribbon swing in your mind for now.

Once you connect to life after years of watching it the feelings untouched stroke deep into your depths.

The pain was not lifted through the air to be swallowed by a leaf, but instead dwells within your being.

The rejection of a lover is stroked into the left pupil of your mind’s eyes. 

The shatter of reality left broken glass in your heart. To pull out the broken reality will make you bleed but there’s stitches in your right pupil. 


When the feelings first begin the bliss is in the ability to stroke life. Touching life is a magic one must feel before they die. To suicide with never having life touch you is…escaping without orgasm. Never Mentally wetting lIfE.

As a human that lived to die and has lived within your soul in the connections of a knife leaking out butterfly juice and screams ricocheting in your head at night I tell you it is worthy of your existence to try. I still refuse to bring a child into this world because I don’t know if existence on Earth is worth it.

I used to be very adamant about this mentally. There was no hinderance of a question in the words yet as those above words were typed I felt one…

Fuck I stuffed the sentences.

tldr; being able to feel reaches into your deepest pain because it has never truly gone away

Yet if you actually feel it the strongest human within your being rips through and orgasms out on life.

P.S. If you are a first time viewer to this blog I request you begin at the beginning

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