Connecting to Pictures of Ourselves

How much do we connect to our own selves?

When we see a picture of our body and sprog do we actually connect to it?

Is it just like staring at any other painting or photo?

An art piece of our ourselves in our minds.

A few days ago I was watching videos of myself and usually there is an estranged feeling.

I’ll be staring and suddenly be aware it is me then have a minor scare.

This time I connected…I stroked my nose and felt it was me.

For days and days I’ve been trying to bring that feeling back.

Because now I am merely art.

And feel disconnected.

Maybe that is how it will always be.

Staring at one’s self causes a moment of connection if you are not analyzing it.

You remember past moments of that self and connect to that memory.

Yet once you’ve moved on (every millisecond after that photo) you are a new you.

To fully connect to the old you there would need to be a time machine moment.

Or am I just an eternal disconnect?

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