Breaking Free by Sinking In

I just met this human named Mario

I want to go fuck him

He had a lingering stare of wanting to be deep inside me and my lips curved into his…not just yet but possibly soon.

At first I thought of texting Dustin and saying I was about to go get over him by sinking over someone, but it’s fucking silly isn’t it? To care at all just because I have this twin flame notion of matterance, but right now the flame is ash  and I don’t even know if it was real at all.

It’s just gone.

This is fucking epic news.

I really don’t want such an icky sticky connection if there’s so much rejection.

This human doesn’t want me. Dustin that is. I have this fucking goddess body I’m moving around it, that isn’t being loved on, and I want to give it to the person that doesn’t want it?

Dustin thoughts seem to cower away and fog out to be replaced with Mario’s face. That sharp angled sex face.

But you see, it could be evolutionary vs any higher spiritual thinking. Dustin could still matter but right now body is weighted over mind. I also drank a bit of mind poison within some soured heavy cream. I drank it to test it you see. Then at work the desire to rip faces and have gore on the screen coated my eyes.

I want to test on other creatures if ‘wrong’ diets for them/poison…mild amounts of rat poison…make them want to see others of their species ripped apart. I still don’t fully sense make on that part but it happens every time I test any poisonous (fast food/processed) on this experiment.

Wait…sex seems to make everything complicated. Talking. I’m going to go talk to this human and get some bloody confidence back. To desire and see desire is just what my body ordered.

Right now, Dustin just feels like a vivid dream.

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