Apparently Cheese Might Not Be Mentally Suited

Apparently dairy isn’t necessarily paleo. Our ancestors probably didn’t consume it because no other animals actually consume the milk of other animals.

We’re special.

Here is Mark’s article on it.

Apparently sixty percent of humans can’t even properly accept it in their bodies.

Why the fuck does it taste so good then?

Sigh…this is actually an issue because my mind food blog has dairy in just about every recipe so far.

If it is grassfed and has the right nutrients it is far more accepted because the cows that are slapped and mistreated don’t contain the right nutrients at all to fuel us.

Fucking…I just…am not fully sure what to do here.

Keto works for the brain for different reasons than paleo, but they go so well together. If I get rid of the cheese.

Sigh….I love cheese.

Primal eating apparently allows for cheese some of the time…I might just do it as a do this recipe and if you’re just doing keto/primal add cheese here. If you’re doing paleo then avoid the cheese and add…what??? What could replace cheese?


In randomstance this appeared on today

Random Neuroscience Self Test

A way to track where you are mentally/mindset

Think back and see what memory is vivid

think of food, dress, people and see what connects the most.

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