Another Self Experiment for You: Studying on Drugs

Caffeine is a stimulating bubbly stimulant that seems to make people irate. It also makes you jumpy and yet oddly stubborn.

When tired we seem slower, we connect slower, pathways just seem to droop off.

Yet on caffeine people jump into connections. They remember their keys and the last time they jumped out of a canoe or slapped a hoe.

Just examples in my not life. 

So whenever you are studying and it hurts your mind , and it is possibly a breaking of connections and forming new ones, do they become harder to break on caffeine?

Do the pathways/axons become more stubborn (or maybe this would be a firing and synapse interation….not sure how much it deals with connecting and forming memories, oh so much to discover)?

When I was studying something new on caffeine yesterday it hurt more to learn it. I felt a similar pain as to learning math (so new it  breaks me), but it was over a more simple concept, yet it hurt as though a complex moment was occurring in my brain wires.

To Self Test:

I emailed my professor about this to see if she would do the experiment with me but, she said to try it on my own and get back to her. As though my professor cannot do drugs with me. If only I was already a grad student.

Yet in experimental news I overcame a social barrier with no social anxiety, and have not felt social anxiety in weeks. It feels as though all along I was living in a false reality of humans hating me or having any hostility/wanting to socially isolate me. Oh those rejection flowings.

Independent Variables: (Do 1/2 a cup of each and retest from there, give at least three hours or even a day between testings)

No drugs



Dependent Variables to Record:

 Time it took to learn new concept, 

 Level of pain at learning new concept. (0 being you felt yourself learn it with a gentle flow and 10 being a sharp, almost knife like pain), 

Where in the brain you felt the pain (right upper forehead, etc)

If you can remember/do what you learned ten minutes later, thirty minutes later, an hour later.

Study with: Math at Khan Academy should work. If you have math connections then maybe Chemistry or try smashing your dishwasher and then putting it back together.

If you do this let me know how it goes. Then let me put you in a machine please 😉

In actual Food Study News:

The more I connect to my human body the less it feels I connect to my mind. I get scared and just seem to disconnect. Yet it is also a disconnect to language/English. I want to sing sounds without words and wind up chanting from bodily sudden desires that resonate through my being and soul. 

I want to stop using English as it stops fitting my desires. I’ll make noises in my head of language that feels more natural and does not require any stops as English does.

As though with English I am faking moments of feelings, and it takes unnoticable time within seconds to form the language, yet in my head with just sounds there is a natural primal flow that reaches higher levels faster.

It feels…like I understand and communicate more than in using this tongue.

This vast awareness of myself than occurs and I embrace it, feel this sense of higher self, of past life moments, then lose it and feel like a child in a human sheep.

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