A Story for your Sprog

I really want to go off to a scroungy blissfuck island with one human that truly understands me. One that I truly understand and who grows with me.

We connect in every way yet are complexly crafted.

We will grow into a tree together and mate for three hours. Then we shall turn to leaves and float throughout the island.

Melted water caressing wind.

We’ll attach to random trees and just watch and learn for a few years.

We’ll rustle at the moments of a berry licking the lips of a bear as it playfully drops into his mouth.

Never do we fall as we are only growing.

Then we’ll drift apart for a year. Sifting into animal’s fur or animals themselves. Growing alone and exploring our own souls.

Randomly we will join again as wolves into a cave. Not even knowing it is one another until our energies collide and we automatically turn human.

Then we shall know of no one. Care for no one. Have nothing to change for we are simply.


Yes, there are many many posts. I told you a blisschaosfuck out under confinement. I went a month and a bit of a half with one post every day so now I have to change it as fiercely as possible. This is mine still. I do what I shall want with it.

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